Chocolate Zucchini Bread with Chocolate Covered Almonds

It is safe to say that the chance of any parent getting their child to eat a summer squash like zucchini is almost impossible. Children tend to avoid anything that even resembles a vegetable.The challenge is, they are missing out on the nutrients it can provide. Many parents may not think that zucchini can be integrated into a dessert but it can. Chocolate zucchini bread served alongside chocolate covered almonds is a nutritious and tasty dessert that kids will enjoy.

Chocolate Zucchini Bread

Chocolate Zucchini Bread

To make this dessert you will need:

2 cups almond flour
1 cup almonds, whole
¼ cup chocolate chips, half milk half dark
¼ cup cacao powder
⅓ cup agave nectar plus 1 tablespoon
3 eggs
1 grated zucchini
2 tablespoon coconut oil
2 tablespoons almond milk. unsweetened
1 tablespoon cocoa powder
½ teaspoon baking soda
¼ teaspoon salt
¼ teaspoon vanilla extract

Now that you have gathered all of your ingredients you can begin by making the chocolate zucchini bread. To do so:

1. Preheat oven to 350 degrees Fahrenheit.

2. In a large bowl add almond flour, cacao powder, salt and baking soda. Whisk well to combine.

3. In another bowl whisk eggs.

4. Add ⅓ cup agave nectar, coconut oil, almond milk and vanilla extract to whisked eggs.

5. Add wet ingredients into the dry ingredients. Mix well.

6. Fold in grated zucchini and chocolate chips until well incorporated.

7. Pour mixture into a loaf pan. Spread evenly.

8. Bake for 40-45 minutes. When bake time is complete insert a toothpick or fork to ensure that the bread has baked through.
9. Remove bread from oven and allow to cool. Do not turn off the oven.

As the bread is cooling you can make the chocolate covered almonds. Here’s how:

1. Add almonds into a large bowl.

2. Add the remaining 1 tablespoon of agave nectar and salt.

3. Mix with a spatula to coat almonds.

4. Spread almonds in an even layer onto a prepared baking sheet.

5. Bake for 5-10 minutes. Stir during bake time to prevent almonds from burning. If they burn they will get very bitter.

6. Remove from oven and quickly transfer warm almonds into a bowl.

7. Add cocoa powder. Toss to coat. Add a little more if needed.

8. Allow to cool for a few minutes.

Once both components of your healthy kid friendly dessert is prepared carefully remove the bread from the loaf pan and slice. After slicing the bread your dessert is ready. Simply plate the chocolate zucchini bread as well as the almonds and serve after dinner. This bread is subtly sweet and the almonds have such great crunch and a nice cocoa flavor that compliments the bread very well. Not to mention the bread itself has a nice richness. If you do not want to serve the almonds on the side roughly chop them and serve on top of the bread or add it to the batter before baking. This recipe can also be made into dessert muffins.