Dessert lovers may no longer have to admit that they feel guilty for loving to eat sweets. New research shows that, comparing to those people who relatively indulge less in sweets and love to eat candy and chocolate, they will have a slender waist line, lower weight and body mass index (BMI). In addition, those people who love to eat candy and chocolate will have a lower risk of suffering from High Blood Pressure, which is 14 percent lower than people who don’t., and also will have a risk reduction of 15 percent from affected by Metabolic Syndrome, that is to say, they will have a lower risk from suffering heart disease and stroke. It is learned that the study will be released on the Nutrition Research magazine, Feb. Issue, and sponsored by the United States Candy Association and the US Department of Agriculture.

Many people think that sugar is the main cause for weight gain, but in fact, 100g sugar in general contain 384 calories, and by contrast a bowl of 100g rice in general contain 356 calories, so it could be seen that sugar is not a food especially high in calorie among carbohydrates. American Dietetic Association spokesman Heather Mangieri said, weight increase is not mainly because of sugar, but a greater intake of calories. Tallmadge recommended people to intake additional calories less than 10 percent, including candy, snacks and soft drinks. She pointed out that in the United States, it’s not sugar that causes obesity, but rather food like potato chips, soda or restaurant food. For this reason, a person who eats one ounce candies a day will have a lower weight and slender waist line, and this may be because they have a moderation on eating junk food. So here are several healthy desserts for weight loss, plus doing some exercises, they can help you quickly lose weight.

#1 Frozen Yogurt

For best metabolism results, you’ve got to buy Greek yogurt in stores, it is a vanilla-flavored and non-fat yogurt rich in protein, as for the fruits, I’ d like to use fresh strawberries and a sprinkle of cinnamon.

Ingredients: Greek yogurt, fresh fruits (strawberries, blueberries or raspberries), sugar (optional)

Freeze yogurt for 1 hour until icy
Pour the yogurt into the yogurt machine, add spoons of white sugar if you like it sweeter
Mix until it has no ice blocks and pour it into a container for freezing
Re-mix and place it back into the freezer for about half an hour
Repeat for more than 3 times, the more you mix, the smoother it tastes
Place some fresh fruits on yogurt

Frozen yogurt

#2 Broiled Apple Slices

You can make desserts by broiling many fruits, which is a great method to choose. Apple is healthy and good for weight loss, besides, broiled apple slices are indeed yummy! And you can enjoy apple slices with a scoop of frozen yogurt.

Ingredients: an apple

Prepare an apple as crisp as possible
Slice apple (the thickness of slices is important to your broiling)
Bake apple slices to 302F for 20 minutes

Broiled apple slices

#3 Mango & Cheese Jelly

As a snack or dessert, it is one of my favorites, mash mangoes and mix them with coarse cereal cookies, a kind of non-baked dessert.

Ingredients: 3 mangoes, 200g cream cheese, 250ml light cream, 50g butter, 60g white sugar, a bag of coarse cereal crackers, 10g gelatin

Mash coarse cereal cookies in a plastic bag using a rolling pin
Melt butter over hot water
Pour melted butter into the crackers and mix
Pour the mix into the mold, press hard with a spoon
Soak the gelatin to soft
Mash cream cheese in a container with a spoon
Whip light cream and white sugar until 60%-70% done
Remove peels and stones of the mangoes and mash, add in cream and cream cheese, mash until no particles
Put gelatin in a bowl and heat over water until melted. Combine it with cake paste and mix into a mold
Freeze for 3-4 hours by wrapping with a plastic wrap

Mango & Cheese jelly

#4 Fruit Salad

It is very delicious to have a homemade fruit salad. Very easy to make, no matter how urgent you want this fruit salad, you can prepare it less than a quarter of an hour! And best of all, it’s good to weight loss and I think vegan people will love this so much!

Ingredients: yogurt, apple, kiwi, orange, strawberry, pomelo, banana and tomato
Rinse all the fruits and drain
Cut them into little cubes and mix them all in a container
Pour yogurt on fruits

Fruit salad

#5 Chocolate Banana Milk

If you’re looking for more proteins, this healthy milk is perfect! It’s just another healthy dessert to satisfy your sweet tooth.

Ingredients: a banana, dark chocolate, 250ml original milk, mint leaves (optional)

Cut banana into cubes, shred dark chocolate
Combine banana cubes, shredded chocolate and milk into a food processor (mint leaves could be added), leave a little cup of milk for foaming, mix for 20 seconds
Pour the mix into a cup

Chocolate banana milk