Generally ice cream can’t do without milk, light cream or eggs, vegetarians have no chance to eat. But this time I made a vegetarian non-egg and non-milk ice cream, low fat and healthy, and used a ginger to eliminate the cold of ice cream. Just eat like a health nut!

And also I made a ice cream cake for my sister for sharing! She hasn’t come for ages! Oh! How much I missed her! Surely I would not miss the chance to show my love and concern about her! So I especially made these two desserts for her cause she is a vegetarian!

Ingredients: 250gr tofu, 200ml sweet soybean milk, 50gr sugar, 25gr sesame paste,, 25gr ginger, 50gr purple sweet potato, 15gr hazelnuts, 15gr raisins, 50gr drizzled cashew nuts, 20gr sugar, pinch vanilla extract, pinch water

~~~Vegetarian ginger tofu ice cream~~~

Vegetarian ginger tofu ice cream

Vegetarian ginger tofu ice cream

1.Bring out the ice cream barrel from the ice cream machine, and put it into the fridge for 13 hours, until there is no water sloshing in the barrel
2.Add tofu, sweet soybean milk, 50gr sugar, sesame paste and ginger into the food machine, switch the machine on
3.Stir the mixture in the food machine until it’s fine and smooth, lines present. Store it into the freezer
4.Take out the ice cream machine, power on
5.Open the cover of the ice cream machine
6.Put the barrel into the machine, and pour the tofu ice cream grout into the barrel
7.Close the ice cream cover
8.Power on, let the machine start working
9.When hearing the deep and vigorous sound made by the ice cream machine, turn off the power, open the and cover of the machine, and dig out the ice cream
10.Sprinkle some hazelnuts and raisins and enjoy

~~~Ginger tofu Ice cream cake~~~

Vegetarian ginger tofu ice cream cake

1.Fill the mould with well made ice cream
2.Put it into the fridge until it’s hard
3.Take it out, and remove the mould with help of warm towel
4.Rotate it gently onto a plate
5.Purple sweet potato, 20gr sugar, cashew nuts, vanilla extract, a little water into the food machine for mixing, until it’s fine and smooth like toothpaste, and then add it into your favorite pastry bag, slightly quick-freeze
6.Decorate beautiful patterns on the demould ice cream cake

1.Make sure to pre-freeze the ice cream barrel, sheathe a plastic bag would be more healthy and hygienic
2.At the later period of the freezing, you can make the stirring and freezing with the food machine while decorating. Decoration part shall not be too hard, avoid of difficult in squeezing
3.Remember not to add too much water in the decoration mixture, add little by little, and make sure the mixture is fine and smooth, if there is bulk, sift
4.At the later working time of the ice cream machine, make sure to have an observation through the porthole, avoid of mixture over clotted
5.Soak the cashew nuts to a deeper degree or soak in the freezer