Vanilla bean ice cream is on the first one of my favorite ice cream list. Original, original, original. Oy… Every time I eat vanilla bean ice cream I would scream loud that why it is so nice to eat! Full milk fragrance with smooth taste, that’s what vanilla bean ice cream brings to me!

This time I would make vanilla bean ice cream with my ice cream maker, and I take reference of a french pastry master’s recipe, so cool. He is a person I respect a lot, he has put all his wisdom into the dessert making, I wonder how far he could go since I’ve known him well, er…only from his recipe books! Expecting my screaming vanilla bean ice cream!


vanilla bean ice cream


Ingredients: 1 or 2 vanilla bean, 2 egg yolk, 200ml light cream, 160ml milk, 80gr sugar
1.Cut the vanilla bean into half, scratch the kummin out, put them into the milk
2.Milk into a pot and bring to light boil, remove the heat, cover with a pot cover, braise for 10 minutes.(in order to melt the flavor of vanilla into the milk)
3.Egg yolk and sugar into a pot, fastly mix into a smooth paste
4.Slowly pour the milk into step 3, with the other hand stirring fastly, avoiding mixture turns into egg flower by high-heat milk
5.After mix well, pour the mixture back into the pot over a low flame, stirring while warm up, avoiding burning
6.Boil the milk mixture up to 181F and remove the fire.
7.Sift the mixture into a big pot, water cooling, then into the freezer for about 3 hours
8.Whip light cream over simmering water until 80% down
9.Pour the cooling British sauce into it and mix well, and then pour them into the ice cream machine(notice that the ice cream machine shall be refrigerated for 12-17 hours)
10.Start machine for 20 minutes, and put the ice cream into the crisper, and freeze

PS: If you haven’t an ice cream maker, don’t worry, at the very step of mixing the light cream and the British sauce well, take out every 2 hours in the course of freezing, and stir it using a spoon, 4 times in all.(If not stir, the ice cream would be hard with a lot of ice crystals )

Well, a french vanilla bean ice cream for your whole cozy and lazy afternoon is at your mouth! Slowly taste a bite, feel the happiness around your mouth and into you heart! Enjoy your vanilla bean ice cream made all by yourself, believe it or not, you’ve spent a meaningful day!

Lately I’ve continuously introduced two kinds of ice cream, you can find that how I am fond of them! And I will share you more recipes about different sorts of ice cream afterwards.