Few days ago, I was thinking ice cream and found that there were raspberry jam in the refrigerator, so I was calculating to make a raspberry ice cream. The raspberry jam was planed to make mousse but struggled for a moment I decided to use it on ice cream. Yummy! Handmade! And I thought that the most famous Italian handmade ice cream was not much better than this one!

This recipe is composed by me after reading many gurus’ recipes, someone boils light cream with egg paste, and someone does not, as for the differences, you will know it after you try, I have firstly chosen adding light cream at last, and the taste is very good.

Raspberry ice cream


Raspberry jam 250g
Light cream 200g
Milk 400g
Egg yolks 5
Caster sugar 40g


1.Take out a milk pot, stir in egg yolks, caster sugar and milk, bring to light boil with slow fire, remove the fire until nearly boiling<remember to stir frequently in the boiling, in avoid of burning>
2.Place egg/milk paste to cool, add raspberry jam and mix well
3.Whip light cream until 60% done, add the light cream into step of 2, stir until the paste is sticky
4.Put it into the plastic bag and freeze, take out every hour and whip it one time with an electric egg beater under low speed<if you want silk and smooth feeling, whip more>


Some of you may ask is there no need to add caster sugar when whipping the light cream? And how to measure the sweetness of ice cream so as to accord with my favorite? I used do like this. After placing egg yolk/milk paste to cool, taste it, if the sweetness is just right, there is no need to add caster sugar in light cream, if you feel no much sweet, and then you could add pinch sugar in light cream and better taste it.