Do you guys miss the sweetness of the ice cream? Last week I hold a party in my house, and I made a lot of desserts and cherry coconut ice cream was one of them. The ice cream was made presently, but of course the ingredients were prepared ahead of time. My friends were stuffed with my desserts and they tried to grad a bite, and it was incredible nice. At the party I prepared a lot of desserts, like a pastry called baklava from Greece, chocolate macarons, tiramisu and pizza. Actually I spent so much thought on that party, because it was the first time I invited my friends and colleagues to my house, a little nervous about how they would think of my cook.

About the ice cream, I thought, why not make it at present? So I prepared the ingredients last night, and put it into the freezer, and at that party day I would take them out and put it into the ice cream machine, so that everybody could taste the fresh ice cream. And it was not so bad!

Below was my recipe for how to make cherry coconut ice cream, now share with all you guys.

Cherry coconut ice cream

Cherry coconut ice cream

Cherry Coconut Ice Cream Recipe

Ingredients: 200ml whipping cream, 200ml milk, 35gr powdered sugar, 10gr cocoa powder, 25gr dried cherry
1.Take out a pot, add whipping cream and cocoa powder, mix well
2.Add powdered sugar, whip the cream to a state of illiquid
3.Dry the ice cream tub, wrap it up with a plastic bag and put it into the freezer for more than 12 hours, then pour the milk in
4.Pour the cream cocoa into the tub, cover it and start the machine
5.Cut the dried cherry into pieces
6.After 10 minutes add the cherries from the charging hole
7.Wait patiently for about 15 minutes, and enjoy the refreshing ice cream

1.Whipping cream and milk should be refrigerated before making, add sugar according to your favorite, and notice that ice cream after freezing would be lower in sugar content
2.Before eating the freezing ice cream, make sure to unfreeze for 5 minutes ahead of time

Gone are the busy party days! Now I sit on my chair in the balcony, thought that making desserts are really my favorite thing to do! Besides the whole cook practice that I love, I desperately want to receive praises from my dear ones and I want they show me their love for me! The more the better! And I am happy that I have found a good way to experience life, and I have found that how much I love my life! I don’t know what you are suffering, how do you feel about your life, but trying to fall in love with a kind of thing(book, design clothes,cook…) is really a fabulous manner to keep a good mood. Why not start your happy mood by making a cherry coconut ice cream yourself? That would be soooooooo cool.:)