Gelato is an Italian word for ice cream, but the Italians will feel sorry if you directly equal it to the “Ice Cream”. Gelato is the common name for Italian traditional handmade ice cream. Different from soft ice cream or American ice cream, the traditional family handmade mold of Gelato, along with random ingredients proportion according to the maker’s mood and character, all these make every Gelato different and unique. In Italy, there is a Gelato store among 5 thousand people, and in those stores, old stores with one or two hundred years history are commonly seen. They generally hand-make Gelato in small-scale and change flavors according the maker’s personality and mood. So it is able to say that there is not the same Italian Gelato around the world.

For you and for me, our Gelatos are unique too. And it is easy to make Gelato, use espresso so that the flavor is dense enough!

Coffee gelato


Fresh cream 1 cup
Milk 1 cup
Egg yolks 4
Espresso 60ml
Caster sugar 1/4 cup

1.Boil espresso, let cool
2.Heat milk and fresh cream with slow fire, and bring to a light boil
3.Mingle coffee, egg yolks and caster sugar
4.Add step of 3 into step of 2, heat with medium fire, keep stirring with a wooden spoon, until the liquid nearly boils and turns to dense and sticky
5.Cool the ice cream liquid over cold water, and put into the freezing level of the refrigerator. Take out the ice cream and whip the ice cream with an electric egg beater until there is no ice crystals, put back into the refrigerator, then mix one time per every half an hour, totally mix 4 times