Want to keep your kids healthy with yummy desserts?

Most families end their meals with desserts. And it grows into a habit for the kids too. But separate preparations are required to present the healthiest desserts for kids while making them very attractive in appearance also. Since you do not have to worry about the calories and sugar content or chocolate when cooking something special for children, it is easier to spread out a table full of healthy desserts for kids.

Healthy Yummy Dessert

Healthy Yummy Dessert

Here are some healthy dessert recipes for kids that anyone can prepare within no time. The kids too can join in to make a delicious dessert of their choice with their moms.

1.Magic Moments:

The ingredients that you need to prepare this healthy dessert for kids and children of all ages are colorful fruits diced into tiny pieces, nuts and raisins, crunchy muesli, ice cream of any flavor, honey and vanilla extract.

In the tall ice cream glasses, first put a scoop of ice cream, then add the diced fruits, add honey, put a layer of nuts and raisins, a drop of vanilla extract, again a scoop of ice cream with muesli for the toppings. If the kids are fond of chocolate ice cream, use a layer of sweetened fresh whipped cream in place of vanilla ice cream. Do not use vanilla extract if your base has chocolate ice cream.

Kids would surely love to prepare this dessert but do not allow them to dice the fruits. See how they enjoy it after dinner quite often. These happy moments make life more interesting for all parents.

2.Power Packed Pudding

An egg, an apple and a glass of milk will provide you with a lot of essential nutrients that are absolutely necessary for the growth of healthy bones and teeth. Boiled eggs, poached eggs and egg omelet are very common and turn out to be very boring for the kids. Drinking milk every morning and evening is not also that interesting for today’s kids. They want something new and tasty every time they have something.

So prepare this exotic pudding that is full of power. All you need are eggs, milk, apples, sugar, butter and vanilla essence. It does not take much time to prepare this dessert. Add sugar and boil the milk till the sugar melts. Let it cool and in the meantime, beat the eggs well. When the milk is cool enough add the whipped egg and then beat the entire mixture. Add vanilla essence, little butter and very tiny pieces of apples. Pour it in a microwaveable container and let it cook in the microwave oven for some time. Check now and then and when you see that the contents have settled, take it out, cool it and then put the bowl in the freezer. Your yummy power packed pudding is ready. Before serving crush some biscuits that are crunchy and cover the top of the pudding with it. Add a few drops of red color fruit jam to give it an attractive look.

3.Yogurt Sundae

The Yogurt Sundae is not only delicious but is healthy and attractive as well. To make this healthy dessert for kids, you will require waffle cones, non-fat vanilla yogurt, raspberries or any other fruit that the kids enjoy, chocolate chips, chopped walnuts and maple syrup. It takes only 10 minutes to prepare this dessert that offers kids good health and happiness.