Easy mentha ice cream with no use of ice cream machine, it gives you a emotional feeling about Menthe the girl while enjoy the delicious dessert. Simple steps to follow, create an ice cream that belongs to you.

In legend Hades falls in love with fairy Menthe, and Hades’ wife Persephone is very jealous of her. In order to make Hades forget Menthe, Persephone turns Menthe into a little grass growing in the roadside.Menthe is a kind-hearted girl with strong inner heart, after she is turned into a grass, she has got a comforting and attractive perfume in herself, and more stronger as she is damaged severely. Although she becomes a grass, she is favored by more and more people, and they called the grass Mentha.

I’ve stored several kinds of chocolates, and I turn the mentha flavor out, think that it matches mentha ice cream very, very well.

Mentha ice cream

Mentha ice cream

Ingredients: plenty of fresh mentha, 150gr milk, 3 eggs, 55gr caster sugar, pinch salt, 250gr light cream, 2 tablespoons mentha syrup, pinch mentha chocolate

1.Wash clean of the mentha, and put them together with milk into a milk pot, boil them with medium fire until it’s bubbling up. Cover the pot with 15 minutes, then pour them into the food processor, mash until all the mentha turn into muddy
2.Add sugar and salt into the egg yolk, stir well, add the milk that is filtered with mentha, mix well while adding the milk. Pour back the milk-egg-yolk wash into the pot, warm up with gentle fire, stirring. Until the wash is thick as yogurt, remove the fire, cool down
3.Add mentha syrup into the cooled milk, mix well, and then mix it with the well-whipped light cream, put it into the fridge for freezing
4.Take it out per 1 hour’s time, whip it for one time and put it back again into the fridge for freezing, make 5 times and then add mentha chocolate, mix, put it back into the freezer, until the ice cream paste is totally clotted
5.Take out and put it into the cold closet for cold storage half an hour before eating