Cooking is an art and when you decide to prepare something healthy for your dear ones, you naturally pick and choose your ingredients. You consider the health problems of every member of your family and so try to offer such an item that is good for everyone. You specially have to take care of the flour that you use for baking the desserts and also the sugar.

Nowadays since gluten-free flour and sugar substitutes are available easily at the stores, it has become a matter of a few hours only to come up with a unique dessert that will leave everyone ask for more. Here is a gluten-free dessert recipe that you can try.

Thin Crust Pear Tart

Thin Crust Pear Tart


1. 1/2-cup gluten-free flour, plus more for dusting.
2. 2 tablespoons sugar/sugar substitute.
3. 2 ounces cream cheese.
4. 4 tablespoons unsalted low-fat butter or margarine.
5. 1/8-teaspoon salt.
6. 2 tablespoons fresh lemon juice.
7. 2 tablespoons pear brandy.
8. 1 red juicy pear.
9. 1/8-teaspoon cinnamon powder.

• Heat the oven at 400 degrees keeping the rack in the center.
• Line the baking sheet with parchment.
• In a bowl combine the butter and cheese thoroughly. You can do it in the food processor as well.
• Add the flour, ¼ cup sugar and salt to the butter and cheese mix and blend well till thoroughly combined and sticky dough is formed.
• Now spread the dough evenly on the baking sheet and pat the dough into a flat 8-inch circle. Put little flour on your fingers so that they do not spoil the flat surface.
• Now cut the pear lengthwise keeping the skin on it. Then slice it into ¼ inches thick slices.
• In another bowl, mix the lemon juice and ¼-cup sugar.
• Place the pear pieces on this lemon-sugar mixture and coat them well. Drain out if there is any liquid from the pears.
• Now arrange these pieces around the dough in a lengthwise position, overlapping each other a little. Place the remaining pieces in the center.
• Sprinkle the tart with the remaining sugar, dust cinnamon powder and bake till golden brown for 25 to 30 minutes.
• Take out from oven when done and serve warm.

If you wish to use any other fruit in place of pears you can try it out. It is sure to very tasty and healthy.