Chocolate lava cake is a kind of dessert with taste between chocolate pudding and chocolate souffle. It is invented in 1987 by master Jean Georges Vongerichten. Many years later, we can eat the original chocolate lava cake as before in flagship store of New York. You can eat the cake with a cup of vanilla ice cream, by the way, overlook the Central Park is a good choice. The French gourmet in New York is just so so that even in Northern America, New York lags right behind Montreal. But New York’s dessert develops a school if its own, if you do not care about your figure, you can glut yourself with delicacies.

The ingredients I use are Jean Georges’ original ingredients, there’s nothing special but you should take account of the ingredients and heat control.

The baking time depends on the size and material of mold and the efficiency of oven, you can decide the quantity and moisture of the chocolate lava, I like to add some ice cream and less of chocolate lava.

However, for the ingredients, if you use high quality chocolate, it is actually no way to make it bad to eat. In the recipes of Jean Georges, Valrhona is the chocolate brand that’s usually recommended, but the top class chocolate in the kitchen is Pernigotti, especially the Pernigotti cocoa powder. And this is the brand Cooks Illustrated recommends. Just like the costumes, the top designers all gather in France, while for fabrics and handwork, you shall go Italy for searching. I think it is all the same with gourmet.


Chocolate lava cake


Dark chocolate 70g
Butter 55g
Egg 1
Egg yolk 1
Caster sugar 20g
Low protein flour 30g
Rum or brandy 1 tablespoon

1.Measure all the ingredients
2.Cut butter into cubes, mix with dark chocolate into a big bowl, heat over water and keep stirring until utterly melted, let cool to 95F
3.Beat egg and egg yolk into another bowl, add caster sugar and whip to dense with an egg beater
4.Pour the beaten egg into the dark chocolate/butter mixture
5.Stir in rum and mix with an egg beater
6.Sift in low protein flour
7.Scrape gently with a knife, refrigerate for half an hour in the freezer
8.Pour the paste into the mold, fills 70 percent of the mold, preheat oven to 428F and bake for 8-10 minutes, tear off the paper mold when it is not hot, sprinkle powdered sugar


1.The key of this cake lies in baking temperature and time. It needs high temperature and fast baking to achieve the hardness of the outside cake tissue, whereas the inside is still liquid. If baking over too long, the inside part will freeze and it has no effect of lava feeling when eating. If baking time is lacked, the outside part is not hard enough, that would lead to the softness of the cake.
2.Make sure to eat when it is still hot, or the chocolate lava would not flow out from the inside of the cake