I have brought an Irish cream whiskey several days before, Irish cream whiskey is known to all as Baileys. And I am busy with making cakes, one day I finally had a break, but a thought came into my mind, why not make use of the Baileys? I took reference of Jane’s recipe, and Jane said that cocoa chiffon or cocoa sponge would be both okay, but I insisted on making a cake base according to her recipe, because I thought that mousse is dense in taste, while cocoa chiffon that is light and moisture is not suitable with mousse, and sponge tastes too much rough, and I discovered there was no powder but little cocoa powder and chestnut powder in cake base if making in accordance with the recipe, and it added a large amount of melted chocolate, well I thought it’s the best companion with mousse.

Irish cream whiskey dark chocolate mousse cake

Irish cream whiskey dark chocolate mousse cake

<Below is for a 9 inch mould, if you want to make a 8 inch, multiply the ingredients by 0.8>

For the cake base:

6 eggs<separate the egg yolks and egg whites>, 80gr powdered sugar, 25gr cocoa powder, 2 tablespoon corn starch, 150gr dark chocolate, 1 tablespoon water

1.Put the egg yolks and powdered sugar into a deep pot, whip them thick and creamy, and remove them into a bigger pot, add sifted corn starch and cocoa powder, mix well. And then add melted chocolate and 1 tablespoon water, stir well
2.Take out another clean pot, whip the egg whites with a progressive speed, until it achieves soft peak. And then put 1/3 egg white paste into step 1, mix well and add the rest egg white paste, quickly and lightly mix well, then pour it into a 25cm X 30cm rectangular ovenware with an oil absorption paper on, 356F for 15 minutes, or it’s okay when there is no hole after inserting a cotton stitch
3.Rotate the well baked cake onto the net rack, cooling under room temperature, and slice a shape according to your needs, and lay it on the bottom of the mould

For the dark chocolate mousse filling:

600ml heavy cream, 450gr pure dard chocolate<in cubes>, 180ml Baileys

1.Make mousse filling first. Heavy cream and chocolate into a pan, warm up with gentle fire, and keep stirring until the chocolate is melted and the mousse liquid is soft and smooth, then pour it into another container for freezing
2.Make cake base second. There you can use any familiar or favorite chocolate chiffon, sponge or Swiss roll
3.Take out the cold mousse liquid from the freezer, add Baileys and mix well. And then whip the liquid until the mousse is changed to a paler color, there you have the mousse filling
4.Pour the mousse filling into the mould which has a cake base layed on, put it into the refrigerator for 4 hours or overnight. Before eating, cut it into cubes and sprinkle the cocoa powder or wipe some heavy cream