This roll cake is very soft and fine. In fact a good recipe is important such as the famous Koyama roll, which has a very good recipe to follow, and this recipe I made is a transformation of Koyama roll.

Strawberry roll cake

Egg yolks 100g
Caster sugar 26g
Egg whites 124g
Caster sugar 52g
Low protein flour 58g
Butter 12g
Milk 29g
Strawberries pinch <cut 3-4 strawberries into slices, cut the remaining strawberries into bulks for filling>
Fresh cream 70g<for filling>
Caster sugar 10g<for filling>

Preparation: measure the ingredients, wash clean of the strawberries and cut them into slices with the same size of nail tips; preheat oven, cover ovenware with baking paper<it is useful to transfer to the frame for cooling>

1.Add caster sugar into egg yolks, mix instantly or the caster sugar will absorb the moisture on the surface of the egg yolks and let egg yolks crust
2.Mix them with an egg beater until sugar is melted and egg wash turns to a pale color
3.Whip egg whites to a foam, add caster sugar per 2 or 3 times. The whipping of egg whites will be affected by sugar, so it is difficult to whip if you add sugar once a time. However, if you add no sugar, the egg wash is unstable for it has no stickiness, the more sugar meringue contains, the finer it is and the harder to whip
4.Whip with a high speed at first, and reduce to medium speed and whip slowly, and at last whip with low speed in order to let go of the big bubbles, until it appears hooks by lifting the egg beater. Remember do not to whip to a stiff foam or the cake roll is too dry and easy to crack
5.Add 1/3 egg whites into the egg yolks
6.Mix well, reduce the density of egg yolk paste, in order to mix with egg whites easier
7.Sift in low protein flour, make sure do not making small circles but to scrape from bottom to top, meantime rotate the pot, keep doing like that, notice there is no powder left
8.Pour the mixture of step 7 into the remaining meringue. Make sure to stir a few times if you place meringue too long
9.Pour the mixture onto the surface of the paste, make sure the butter and milk is pre-melted and kept under room temperature, generally around 104F, a little hotter than your hands. With this temperature, the bubbles won’t be broken
10.Keep scraping with a right hand gesture until the paste is completed
11.Pour the paste into the ovenware from a height of 15cm, big bubbles will go in this way
12.Flat the surface immediately, there is no need to perfect the surface for it is difficult to flat completely
13.Place strawberry slices gently on the surface of the cake paste, make sure do not press
14.Heat oven to 392F, reduce heat to 356F and bake for 15-17 minutes, it is easier to crack if you bake too long
15.Shake the mold and drag immediately to the frame, separate the baking paper and the cake, let cool
16.Whip fresh cream and caster sugar
17.Wipe it onto the inner part of the roll cake, more cream on the head part
18.Lift the baking paper and roll the cake, wrap it and refrigerate, then cut into bulks, add fresh cream according to your own favorite