Nearby my house there is a small stall selling strawberries. I have to say that they are really fresh every time I see when walking by. And they are not strawberries with strange looks, they are just strawberries what look like strawberries. And I would bring a lot of them back without hesitation of hanging out the nearest supermarket. And I would always say to the stall keeper,”I wanna good-looking ones, not the biggest!”

And 90 percent of the strawberries I brought are used to make desserts. Haha…

Strawberry Charlotte

Strawberry Charlotte

For the appliance: a 18cm diameter round mould ring

For the cake slice and surrounding edge paste: 4 egg yolks, 25gr caster sugar, 4 egg whites, 35gr caster sugar, 120gr low protein flour, 20gr powdered sugar
1.Separate the egg yolks and egg whites, add 25gr caster sugar into egg yolks, whip to a pale color and sticky
2.Add 35gr caster sugar per 3 times into egg whites, until the egg whites are fine and smooth
3.Pour a little part of egg whites into egg yolk paste, stir well. Pour the mixture into the rest big part of egg whites, stir fast and mix well
4.Sift in low protein flour per 2 times, stir one time and sift in one time, until the powders are disappeared
5.Install a round tube with 7mm diameter to a pastry bag, and then squeeze out 6cm height vertical bars as the cake surrounding edge according to the height of mousse ring. Then sift powdered sugar uniformly
6.Squeeze out two helical rounds as cake base on the baking paper, with a larger diameter than the mousse ring. Put the vertical bars and rounds together into the middle level of the heated oven to 356F for 10 minutes
7.Package the bottom of the mousse ring firmly with 3 levels oil papers, and trim neat of the baked cake surrounding edge bottom, and lay them to the inner side of the mousse ring, and trim the cake base according to the size of the mousse mould, finally lay it in the mousse ring

For the custard cream filling: 250ml milk, 3 egg yolks, 3 droplet vanilla extract, 50gr caster sugar, 25gr low protein flour, 2 gelatin, 300gr fresh cream

8.Add caster sugar into egg yolks and beat it to a thickness with a pale color, sift the low protein flour into it and stir
9.Boil the milk and vanilla extract to 140F, pour the milk gently into the paste, then sift it and pour into the pan, warm up with a medium or gentle heat, keep stirring until it’s thick and sticky, and able to flow, there we have a custard jam
10.Soak the gelatin with cold water, put them into a contain after dry. Melt them over hot water, and add custard jam, mix well
11.Whip the fresh cream to a thickness but able to flow. Mix the fresh cream per 2times into the custard jam, there we have the custard cream filling
12.Pour custard cream filling into 1/2 of the mould which has layed the cake base, and cover with strawberry pieces, and then cover a cake slice, finally pour the rest custard cream filling into the mould until the mould is filled in for 90%. Refrigerate for over 6 hours

For the decoration: 300gr strawberries, 5 pieces blueberries, several pieces of basil leaves, pinch powdered sugar, a ribbon
13. Take out the charlotte and decorate it with the above ingredients