Simple ingredients, simple decoration, chocolate jam marshmallow cake would be your best companion after dinner. This is an easy way to make marshmallow cake all by yourself.

Beautiful desserts can always touch the softest part of people’s hearts. It is said that due to the sweetness that we feel from the mouth would directly connect our brain parts which secrete endorphin, thus generate a pleasant sensation of happiness and make people calm down. Science is always right.

And I feel that the sweetness can be delivered through foods, and foods can be emotional, which, is the emotion of the food maker, and that is the spirit of food! When you are happy, the food you make are carrying a kind of happiness, but when you are in a bad mood, your food will not be the same! So, sometimes we can have a feeling that “Today’s dinner is some kind of weired, would be the chef’s not happy? ” And so self-made dessert can be the same way too. The biscuits in supermarket is all the same although you have eaten a hundred times. That is because they are all made by machine and they have no spirits!
Today’s leading role is cupcake, but not plain cupcake. Marshmallow and cupcake together would make a big difference! Bravo!

Chocolate jam marshmallow cake

Chocolate jam marshmallow cake

For the cocoa sponge cake: 160gr eggs<equal wiht 3 eggs>, 60gr caster sugar, 20gr honey, 10gr water candy, 110gr baking flour, 35gr vegetable oil, 15gr cocoa powder, 20gr milk

1.Sift the baking flour, mix the cocoa powder and vegetable oil, warm it up until it has flavor. And mix honey and water candy, warm it up until it is flowing, warm up milk until it is a little warmer than your hands
2. Beat the eggs<do NOT whip it to a foam> , water-jacket heating to 100.4F, and then add caster sugar, honey and water candy, whip fast until the egg wash is flowing, and turn into medium speed, whip until the egg paste is fine and smooth
3.Sift the baking flour per several times into the egg paste, stir well
4.Mix the milk, cocoa powder and vegetable oil well. Pour a half egg paste into it, mix well and add the other half, mix well
5.Pour the egg paste into the Muffin cup. Preheat oven to 392F, bake for 5 minutes and turn into 356F, bake for 8-9 minutes. Cool for 1-2 minutes, take out the cake

For the marshmallow topping:
A:40gr egg whites, 15gr caster sugar
B:55gr caster sugar, 70gr corn syrup, 32gr water, 1.5 pieces gelatin<about 7.5gr>

1.Soak the gelatin and leave a little water<at most 8-10gr>, add 15gr caster sugar into egg whites, whip it to a foam
2.Mix all ingredients in B, warm up to 244.4F and then add the mixture of gelatin and water, stir well and keep warming up until it’s boiling<about 230F>, remember to use a big pan or the boiling liquid would come out
3.Mix the foamed egg whites, slowly pour the boiling syrup into it
4.Keep whipping fast after pour all in, until the pan is close to room temperature, then you have the marshmallow paste
5.Dip the cake into the marshmallow paste, and squeeze out chocolate jam
6.Put it into the freezer for at least half an hour, eat after it turns back into room temperature