It is similar to make light cheesecake and chiffon cake, the difference is the usage of flour, and light cheesecake is added with cream cheese, if you can make chiffon cake.

Light cheesecake


Ingredients:<for a 6 inch round mold>
Cream cheese 125g
Eggs 2
Whipping cream 50g
Yogurt 75g
Low protein flour 33g it is not a difficult thing to make light cheesecake
Caster sugar 50g

1.To make this cake you can use both of fixed mold and movable mold. If it is movable mold, you can take out the mold bottom and wrap it with a silver paper for demoulding easily, if it is fixed mold, you can cover the bottom with a oil paper or silver paper
2.Wipe a layer of softened butter on the cake mold wall
3.Measure the cream cheese, light cream and yogurt after taking them out from the refrigerator, and put all of them into the food processor until smooth and fine
4.Return the cream paste into a big bowl
5.Beat two eggs into the cream paste and whisk with an electric mixer
6.Sift low protein flour into the cream paste and scrape with a knife
7.Scrape until the flour and cream paste are totally mixed, and put it into the refrigerator for cold storage
8.Whip egg whites to a foam, add 1/3 sugar and keep stirring
9.Until egg whites are dense, add 1/3 sugar and whip the egg whites to a state of presenting lines, and add the remaining 1/3 sugar, until the egg whites are whipped to close to stiff
10.The well whipped egg whites shall have a triangle with a little curve on the top when lifting the electric mixer
11.Put the cream paste out and spoon 1/3 egg whites into the cream paste
12.Scrape the egg whites and cream paste with a knife, notice to scrape from bottom to top, make sure do not to scrape with a circular pattern, or the well whipped eggs would lose bubbles and directly shrink or collapse
13.Return egg whites and cream paste to the egg whites bowl
14.Keep scraping. If the mixture is over watery or has lots of little bubbles, it might fail
15.If you use a movable mold, you shall wrap the bottom of the mold with silver paper for water seepage when baking over water, if what you use is fixed mold, you can omit this step
16.Pour the cake paste into the cake mold
17.Inject water in the ovenware for about 3 cm height
18.Put the cake mold into the ovenware<directly in water>, and put the ovenware into the bottom level of the oven, bake under 160F for one an hour or 70 minutes, until coloring of the surface and totally condensing of the cake, and there is no flowing by pressing with your hands, then remove from the oven
19.Do not instantly demoould. Let cool under room temperature and then demould<do not rotate the cake for cooling>. Put the cake into the fridge and refrigerate for over 4 hours


1.Many recipes of making light cheesecake have lemon juice. As to me, the cream cheese itself is a cheese that has a yogurt flavor, and the yogurt ingredient has a acidity, so it needs no lemon juice in this cake.
2.For the flour content is little in light cheesecake, and it relies on the holding power of condensed eggs, so the cooled cake would shrink a little, which is a normal phenomenon. It is okay except cracking and big bubbles
3.It needs to bake the cake over water or it is easier to crack and stiff on the surface. And the cake shall be wholly baked or the inner side would be too wet and soft with cutting
4.Please refrigerate the cake for at least 4 hours for a better taste