Berries are genuinely good fruits for people to eat. Garnetberries, cranberries, raspberries or blackberries and so on are wonderful companions with all kinds of desserts. You should not neglect their nutrition value for some of them arrive the best top health value among all the fruits.

Today I combine all those berries and bake a chocolate berry mousse cake for you, all the ingredients are handy and procedures are similar with previous recipes. If you like my cake, just give me a praise.

Chocolate berry mousse cake

For the chocolate chiffon cake base:<8 inch movable round mould>

Chocolate chiffon cake a slice
Egg yolks 2
Caster sugar 40g <stir in egg yolks>
Corn oil 50g
Chocolate 30g
Water 80g
Cocoa powder 30g
Cake four 40g
Bailey 10g
Egg whites 4
Caster sugar 30g <stir in egg whites>

For the berry mousse:<8 inch mousse ring>

Garnetberries 100g
Raspberries 100g
Cranberries 100g
Sugar 60g
Light cream 250g
Powdered sugar 40g
Gelatin 2.5 pieces
Milk 30g

For the mousse topping:

Raspberries 100g
Cranberries 100g
Mineral water 100g
Gelatin 1.5 pieces


1.Take out a small steel basin, melt chocolate over water, stir in corn oil, make it a chocolate jam
2.Stir in caster sugar with egg yolks, until all sugar melted
3.Mingle prepared chocolate jam into the egg yolk wash
4.Melt cocoa powder with boiling water, filter
5.Pour cocoa powder liquid into the egg yolk/chocolate jam and mix well, make it a chocolate cocoa egg wash
6.Sift cake flour into the chocolate cocoa egg wash and stir well
7.Pour in bailey for flavor
8.Whip egg whites, mix a part into the cocoa/chocolate paste
9.Mingle all the ingredients well, pour into the mould, heat oven to 320F, place it into the middle level and bake for 60-70 minutes, take out and back off
10.Let cool, demould
11.Unfreeze the frozen berries
12.Put them into the blender, mash
13.Whip light cream until 60% done
14.Melt gelatin over water, and then add sugar and mix with berry mashes, stir in light cream and make it a berry mousse
15.Place cake slice to the bottom of the mousse ring, add berries around the ring for dressing, pour in the berry mousse and keep in cold storage
16.Mix berry with mineral water and mash into juice, melt gelatin, sugar and berry juice and cover the frozen surface of the berry mousse, put it into the freezer for overnight, demould for dressing


1.Berry mousse with fresh fruits for dressing catch your eyes, plus chocolate cake gives you a harmony but not greasy taste
2.Mix berry and water would generate many bubbles, which leads to a whiting phenomenon on the berry topping; make sure to mix berry first, then stir in mineral water for a better look