This is a very lazy pizza that has no need to knead dough hoppingly,also no fry sauce, and no herbs that are hard to distinguish. And it is a vegan diet, you know that I seldom eat vegetarian diet. But this simple vagetarian pizza with plain ingredients amazes me with satisfaction, no lazy cooking or ill-treated feelings in there.

In fact, after eating so much pizza I’ve suddenly found that what I am really fond of is the pizza fresh and simple with ingredients. Previously I’d like to order take-out pizza with many many meat and various types of ingredients, but I always found it too oily and don’t want to eat after a period of time, I had to relieve myself for a while to rekindle my love for pizza. Laterly I discovered that it was my greed that haunts, for none of the above issues appear if I choose pizza with less garnishes and light seasoning. Foodies are greedy at all, because no greed, no enthusiasm for food. But the real truth is less is more.

To determine whether a pizza is yummy or not, the pizza crust is very important. It makes your way to success half succeeds if the pizza crust is crispy at the bottom and soft at the upper layer. Good crackers have both thin base and fluffy internal structure, so the side that is sticky to garnishes will absorb the flavor and juice released when baking, and form a contrast with crunchy bottom. The pizza tastes soft with crisp, pliable and moist, not so dry and not so hard. To make this crust you need to add relatively quite a lot of water to knead dough, for letting the dough drinks sufficient water and ferments with sufficient time, thus the dough will be streched and soft.

Potato & asparagus pizza

For the crust:
High protein flour: 200g
Salt&sugar: half teaspoon
Olive oil: 1 tablespoeon
Yeast: 0.5g<1/8 teaspoon>
Warm water: 120ml

Dissolve yeast in warm water to stand for a few minutes until foaming in the surface;
Combine flour, olive oil, salt, sugar and yeast water into a dough, no need to knead until specially smooth;
Oil the surface of the dough, cover it with a plastic wrap and ferment for 3 hours in a warm place;
Let rest for a moment until tripled with honeycomb in;
Polish the dough and roll into a 3mm or 4mm thick patch, and transfer to the well-cut baking paper, ferment for another while

For the garnish:
Small potatoes: 2<actually used one and a half, approximately 150g>
Asparagus: 4<150g>
Onion: 1
Garlic: 1-2 cloves
Olive oil: 3 tablespoons
Mozzarella cheese: a ball<about 120g>
Parmesan cheese: pinch
Salt& freshly ground black peper: pinch

Preheat oven to 464F;
Cut onion and mince garlic, blend with olive oil and salt into a mixture;
Brush crust with garlic oil mixture;
Cleanse small potatoes, rub into thin slices and blend with the remaining garlic oil;
Spread potato chips covered with garlic oil evenly on the crust, overlapping is permitted but not too much. Turn the ovenware upside down and into the oven, reduce heat to 428F, bake for 10 minutes at the middle layer;
Remove the asparagus roots, shred into strips;
Torn the cheese balls into small pieces<or slice, whatever>
Remove roasted pizza from the oven and pile up asparagus strips evenly, sprinkle freshly ground black pepper;
Embellish asparagus with Mozzarella cheese, rub evenly with a layer of Parmesan cheese;
Back into the 428F oven and bake for another 8 minutes

The water that is used to knead dough shall be slight warm and its temperature shall not exceed 104F;
Just wipe oil on your hands when the dough is kneaded well and sticky. Do not apply to powder as much as possible and there is no need to knead too long. You can use powder when rolling the crust;
Oveware for baking pizza ought to have no border, if you haven’t one, you can turn the normal ovenware upside down;
You can replace cheese with other varieties, goat cheese would be nice.