What You Need to Make Waffle Batter

Every kitchen has what it is needed to make a simple waffle batter. However, it’s important to have a simple but delicious waffle recipe to bring everything together. Who knows when your little ones or spouse will wake up and demand some waffles? If they do and you already have a recipe and the needed items, it will be a walk in the park for you.
The recipe needs only seven ingredients. The ingredients are your superb accompaniments and will give you a product that is crispy on the outside and fluffy on the inside. With such a recipe, you can make virtually any waffle flavor that you want.

Let us now get to the process of making the waffle batter.

It is a fairly easy process making waffles from scratch. The process of making waffle mix is similar to making pancake mix. Although pancake mix is quite different from waffle mix.

To make the batter for waffles, you are required to whisk the dry ingredients after which the wet ones are added to the whisked mixture. The dry and wet ingredients can be whisked together in one big bowl. After this, your waffle batter is ready to be poured into the waffle maker.

Now, that is not enough for you. The rule of the thumb is that knowing the function of each ingredient counts more than using it. It is helpful towards any dish that you intend to make. With that, let us go through each of the ingredients briefly as we discuss the substitutes for each if a need to change them arises.

Dry ingredients

As we agreed, you will whisk all the dry ingredients in one large bowl. Whisk them thoroughly before adding any of the wet ones. Here, we shall go through each one of them.


This will form the basis and structure of your waffles. Typically, most people use all-purpose flour, but you can substitute it with whole wheat flour. That is if you prefer to do so. Cake or pastry flour can also work well if that is the only type that you have at hand. Cake and pastry flour create more tender and delicate waffles. A simple tip for this one – if you wish to have even a simpler waffle batter and you have some self-rising flour, use it and do away with the salt and baking powder.


Sugar is completely optional while making a waffle batter. Its main purpose is adding sweetness which means you can use only a little bit of it or none at all. The little amount will give your waffles the slightly need sweetness. In short, just have a small amount that fits your taste particularly if you will be topping the waffles sweet toppings or syrup. However, to match your preferences, you can continue adding or reducing the amount of sugar all the same. The tip here is that more sugar will give you slightly crisper waffles while decreasing it will make the waffles softer.


Salt, just like in other foods, is a crucial ingredient for your waffle batter. It is also a necessity for all baked foods. The salt amount, in this case, will not make the waffles saltier. Rather, the salt will balance the flavors from the other ingredients and additions. Just like in normal foods, leaving the salt out will give you flat tasting waffles.

Baking powder

The leavening agent in our recipe here is baking powder. Its work is making the waffles rise and becoming tender and fluffy. If you, however, do not have baking powder, you can make the waffles without it. The end result will, however, be less fluffy and less tender.

Wet ingredients

To the bowl with dry ingredients, add the wet ingredients. The two will then be stirred together. Avoid over stirring as it will result in your waffles becoming tough. As we did with the dry ones, let us go through this list too one by one.


The role of milk is for moisturizing and dehydrating the first set of dry ingredients. The milk can be any kind, be it regular or buttermilk. Most people will have regular milk, but buttermilk will also help. The latter will add some tanginess to your recipe. You can decide to use whole milk, skim milk, or non-dairy milk if you prefer the waffles not having regular milk. Any of the options will work fine.


You will need a binder for this recipe, and the eggs play that role well. They will fold the waffles together while also helping to leaven them a little bit. For substitutes, just in case you wish to, vegan eggs can fit in well. However, you should know beforehand that flax or chia eggs more denser waffles.


Oil or liquid fat serves different purposes in a waffle batter recipe. It helps in adding flavors, browning and adding texture. You are the owner of the waffles, and you can decide to use any liquid fat that is ready or within reach. Melted butter or bacon fat can also be used and have delicious results.


Now that we have dealt with the main ingredients, we can now look at the options that you can have as additions. You can serve the waffles once they are ready with butter and syrup but adding other flavors or ingredients will not do them any harm.

Spices and extracts

Adding spices and extracts is the easiest way to add flavors. You might want to try such flavoring ideas as pumpkin spice, nutmeg, cardamom, and cinnamon. For the extracts, vanilla, anise, lemon, or almond will do. The spices and extracts have different potencies and should, therefore, be added in little bits to taste.

Waffle Spices

Fresh fruits and nuts

Such fruits as raspberries, strawberries, and blueberries, are always delicious additions. Others like bananas are also great hits. You can also decide to pair nuts such as hazelnuts, walnuts, almonds, and pecans. Lastly, you can get creative by adding chocolate chips for more tastier waffles.