Chestnut generates high energies, and it contains abundant protein, vitamin B1, vitamin B2<4 times more than rice>, and vitamin C<more than vitamin C in tomatoes>, chestnut is called King of the Nuts.

Chestnut mousse cake is one of my favorites. This chestnut mousse cake is made by the famous creme de marron from South France, mousse tastes so fine and not greasy, you can eat it with a cup of coffee or wine.


Chestnut mousse cake


For the cake base:

Egg yolks 100g
Flour 130g
Cocoa powder 20g
Egg whites 200g
Caster sugar 150g

1.Take out two ovenwares, cover them with two butter papers of 40cmx30cm
2.Heat oven to 356F, add egg yolks into a container, whisk with a fork. Sift all the powders. Whip egg whites with an egg beater to a foam, add caster sugar while stirring, then add egg yolks and powders into the egg whites, mix well
3.Go halves of the mixture into two butter papers, scrape it flat, bake for 10 minutes in the oven, let cool after taking out

For the mousse:

Gelatin 12g
Liquid cream 550g<cold storage>
Creme de marrons 500g
Water 50g
Egg yolks 6
Water 40g
Caster sugar 70g
Rum 2tbsps

1.Soak gelatin in cold water, add creme de marrons and 50g water into a container, mix well
2.Take out a pan, add 40g water and 70g caster sugar, heat to 239F. Slowly whip the egg yolks when heating the syrup, remove the heat until it arrives 239F. Pour syrup slowly into the egg yolks, keep stirring until egg yolk wash is cooled down
3.Take the liquid cream from the fridge, put it into a container, fast whip until its volume expanded double.
4.Add rum in a pan, heat with medium fire, add soaked gelatin, mix well. Pour rum/gelatin liquid into the creme de marrons liquid, whisk forcedly, then add egg yolk liquid and liquid cream, mix gently

Another 200g creme de marron for the filling

For the combination:

1.Take out 40cmx30cm long mousse circle, lay a cake slice on the bottom, and smear 100g creme de marrons on the cake slice evenly, and pour the chestnut mousse on. And cover the second cake slice, smear the rest creme de marrons, pour another half chestnut mousse, scrape the surface flat with a knife, put it into the freezer for refrigerating about 1 hour until the mousse takes shape. Sprinkle chocolate particles before enjoying


The ingredients serve 20 persons, you can put the cakes into freezer for refrigerating, unfreeze under room temperature before eating