Before we get into what is going on, we need to have a clue about the sugar in dessert. Sugar is an energy-yielding nutrient called carbohydrate, it is super fast to go through the blood-brain barrier and provide brain for energy, that is why eating a energy bar high in sugar content will cheer you up immediately when you feel tired in climbing.

How much should we eat properly? You know that to eat much sugar it will do no good to our health, but there must be a volume to calculate for. As it is proved by scientific experiment, the intake of sugar a day is approximately 60g for a grown-up of 132 pounds, and less than 40g for a 15-year-old kid. You must be aware of that the volume of sugar is yet much because it is mainly absorbed into our bodies unconsciously.

When is the dessert time? Neither before nor after dinner. We eat staple food with a large quantity for whose role is to increase blood sugar, so at this time it will place greater burdens on pancreas. Thus, supplement yourself with some desserts between meals or after hard work.

Who is inadvisable to eat dessert? Not all people fit for dessert such as patients of obesity, diabetes, impaired glucose tolerance or weak gastrointestinal function.

In sum, we recommend eating desserts when: it needs to supplement sugar if you are in low blood sugar; before exercise; feeling dizzy or sick, hungry or fatigue; and you must give top priority to fruit. Moreover, only eat dessert once a day and do not chew for a long time which is bad for your teeth.

So, eating dessert can bring good health and longevity to us? The answer is yes. And the following 4 kinds of circumstances are what good health and longevity can take place.

One: To Improve Low Blood Pressure

If you happen to feel dizzy and fatigue with your limbs cold near lunch time, that is the sign of low blood pressure. It is supposed to eat some dessert for improvement, yogurt-made dessert such as yogurt crepes or yogurt fruit salad will be helpful to your situation. It occurs especially in place where it has a low temperature.

Two: To Improve Low Blood Sugar

People with low blood sugar will bring themselves in danger of shock if severely, which is aroused by diseases or preventing themselves from ingesting of sugar deliberately. Eat a dessert or drink sweetened beverage will do when you feel uncomfortable

Three: To Improve Diabetes

Patients of diabetes are living painfully, there are many foods they can’t eat and they are suffering from pains caused by this disease. Most heard is that they can’t eat sugar. Actually it’s not right, they can eat sugar but with restriction. They can eat some desserts to help alleviate in the case of dizziness.

Four: To Improve Hunger And Fatigue

Excessive energy would be lost when people feel tired, hunger can also cause dizziness or weakness, the food that can ease the discomfort feeling fastest is dessert since sugar content is easier to be absorbed.

5 yummy and healthy yogurt desserts:

#1 Blueberry yogurt ice cream

Ingredients: 200cc original yogurt, 200cc milk, 100g caster sugar, 200cc fresh cream, 30cc condensed blueberry juice, a few blueberries

Heat milk over slow fire, cook with caster sugar until melted and remove the fire;
Stir original yogurt into blueberry juice and mix;
Whip fresh cream and into the mix of step 2;
Pour the mix into a flat stainless steel plate, sprinkle with a few blueberries and freeze;
Spoon loose and stir in air of the mix after 2 hours of freezing, freeze again to your preference

Grilled onions & Yogurt salad

#2 Mango yogurt

Ingredients: 200g mangoes, ½ banana, 200cc original yogurt, 50g crushed ice, 50cc fruit sugar

Rinse and peel off mangoes and banana, cut into little cubes;
Blend the mix of step 1 into a blender, add in original yogurt, crushed ice and fruit sugar and blend
for 20 seconds with a medium speed

Mango yogurt

#3 Fruit yogurt crepes

Ingredients: ½ dragon fruit, ½ kiwi, 1 box original yogurt, pinch honey & cream, ½ orange, ½ wax
apple, ½ green jujube,, a little egg wash, 50g low protein flour, 50cc milk

Cut all the fruits into cubes;
Mix all the crepes ingredients into a paste, filter and place for 30 minutes;
Heat pan and melt in cream, spoon a little paste into the pan and form a round cake, stir-fry until pan crust can be moved from the pan;
Fold crepes in two-thirds and overlap on both of the two sides and form into a circular cone, fill in the cone with all of the fruits and pour yogurt and honey

Fruit yogurt crepes

#4 Yogurt strawberry jelly

Ingredients: 150g yogurt, 150g cold water, 50g caster sugar, 8pcs gelatin, 5g strawberry powder, 300g fresh milk, 8pcs gelatin, 50g caster sugar

Return to warm of the yogurt, soak 8pcs gelatin with cold water and drain;
Combine cold water with caster sugar, heat over slow fire until melted, add in yogurt and soaked gelatin, boil until melted and instantly pour the mix into a mold, demould after cooling;
Soak another 8pcs gelatin and drain;
Mix fresh cream with caster sugar, heat over slow fire until totally melted, stir in strawberry powder and soaked gelatin;
Put the little jelly of step 2 into a larger mold, wait until the jelly of step 4 to cool and then pour it into the mold and refrigerate, a beautiful double layer jelly is shaped

Yogurt strawberry jelly

#5 Grilled onions & Yogurt salad

Ingredients: 300g onions, 150g yogurt, ½ tsp salt

Rinse and peel off onions and cut into ring slices;
Mix yogurt with salt;
Put the onion ring slices into oven and bake to 356F for 10 minutes;
Pour the sauce of step 2 on the baked onion ring slices

Grilled onions & yogurt salad