When I was a little girl my favorite fruit is banana, and it has never changed by now. Four seasons we have the bananas, and they’re so sweet to fill the stomach, what is really the best is that you don’t have to wash them, just peel off.

But I did not recognize that banana is my favorite fruit before I was a grown-up. Although I eat it everyday but I think there must be another fruit that tastes better. I like pitaya for its fiery red and show-off look, watermelon for its juicy pulp, pineapple for its spiral-cut shape, and carambola for its star look. I like things that are novel and special in my childhood, but lately I’ve found that I just crush on those stuff for a little while, however for what I’ve be forgotten it is always by my side.

Even though I’ve sampled many exquisite cuisines and tasted many different flavors, what I like eternally are few dishes, and no matter what I want to eat, I won’t remember long for its savor, those dear ingredients for me are nothing to be devoted, however I eat tomato and potato everyday in my whole life.

Strictly speaking, my favorite banana is jokingly called “mysterious fruit” for its characteristics of edible, easy-to-bring-along and nutritious. Here I won’t talk much about its nutritious value, what I want to emphasize is just one thing, and that is banana can ease our social panic, or what is commonly called depression. Recently, it has been a trend for some time to eat banana in music industry, performers eat bananas to calm their troubled spirits just in avoid of stage fright. A nutritionist in Singapore analyzes that it has much sense to calm down by eating banana, because it contains tryptophan and abundant vitamin B6, both of which are the vital components to compound serum that has the impacts of analgesia and hypnosis. So, it can truly ease tension and pressure by eating banana. And the tryptophan in banana will be able to brighten our mood and thus could cure depression.

And how could people like me who have an enthusiasm on dessert miss a chance to combine banana with dessert? The flavor will be more incisively and vividly after sweet and dense taste banana is made into dessert. It amazes me that banana dessert has its sweetness refreshing and endless, which will never be boring and toneless; it’s our happiness to have banana in dessert world.

#1. Roasted banana

4 bananas, 1tbsp butter, 1tsp white sugar, 1tsp rum, 1tsp orange juice, A little honey to taste

Time taken: 10-20 mins

1. In a pot add butter and white sugar
2. Heat over slow fire until melted
3. Put bananas in
4. Stir-fry until both sides golden and brown
5. Pour in rum
6. Pour in juice and remove the fire
7. Preheat oven to 320F, bake for 10 minutes
8. Brush with honey

Roasted banana

#2. Caramel banana tart

Ingredients:, 100g unsalted butter , 65g powdered sugar, 35g eggs, 35g almond powder, 165g low protein flour, 90g eggs, 20g white sugar, 80ml fresh cream, 10ml lime juice, 1tbsp rum. 5 bananas, 10g cream, 2tbsp white sugar, 1tsp rum

Time taken: 45-60 mins

For the tart:
1. Soften cream and sift all powders
2. Beat eggs
3. Whip cream and powdered sugar to a pale color, add egg wash per 3 times, and then sift in low protein flour and almond powder
4. Scrape roughly into a dough, wrap it with a plastic wrap, store in fridge for 1 hour
5. Roll the dough into a slice and cover the mould, trim
6. Poke holes in the bottom of tart with a fork, store in fridge for another 15 minutes, mat with a baking paper or silver paper, put some beans (or rice) on
7. Preheat oven to 356F, bake for 10 minutes, take away the silver paper and beans and keep baking for 8-10 minutes until colored

For the coconut/egg/milk paste and caramel banana:
1. Mix all the ingredients for the paste, refrigerate
2. Cut bananas into 2.5cm segments
3. In a pot add cream and cook with slow fire until slightly brown, stir in white sugar and boil until melted
4. Add bananas and rum, gently mix until coated with caramel

For the banana tart:
1. Pour the coconut/egg/milk paste into mould, put bananas in
2. Preheat oven to 356F, bake for approximately 25 minutes until golden and brown

Caramel banana tart

#3. Cinnamon banana & fried egg bread

4 eggs, 2 bananas, 40ml milk, 4 slices bread, A little cinnamon powder, 45ml olive oil

Time taken: 20-35 minutes

1. Peel off 2 bananas and cut into segments
2. In a pot add oil, until the temperature reaches medium-high heat, add banana segments and stir-fry until golden and brown
3. Beat eggs in a bowl and whisk with milk, drop the edges of toasts and immerse them into the egg/milk wash, compress with your hands for absorption
4. Heat oil with medium fire, put in bread slices and stir-fry until amber colored
5. Top bread slices with banana segments and butter, sprinkle cinnamon powder

Cinnamon banana & fried egg bread

#4. Banana walnut pound cake

50g walnuts, 75g butter, 60g white sugar, 1g salt, 75g egg wash, 1tsp rum, 2g cinnamon, 1/2tsp baking soda, 30g dark sugar, 75g banana mashes

Time taken: 35-45 mins

1. Whip the soften butter with low speed, stir in 30g dark sugar, mix well
2. Add 60g white sugar and whip with low speed until greased
3. Add egg wash per several times with each a little, about 10g
4. Stir in 1/2 banana mashes and mix well
5. Stir in 1/2 low protein flour and salt, cinnamon powder, baking soda and baking powder
6. Mix with the remaining banana mashes
7. Add the remaining low protein flour and baked walnuts
8. Pour a teaspoon rum
9. Put paste into prepared mould
10. Heat oven to 338F, bake totally for 40 minutes, take it out and make a cut on the cake when 20 minutes later, cover it with a silver paper and keep baking

Banana walnut pound cake

#5. Banana passionfruit cake

10g butter, 100g brown sugar, 40ml water, 4 eggs, 160g caster sugar, 150g flour, 5g baking powder, 150g butter, 5 bananas, 60g coconut powder, 4 passionfruits, 60ml water, 60ml caster sugar

Time taken: 35-45 mins

1. Split passionfruits and spoon out the pulp, mix with water and caster sugar. In a pot boil them with medium heat, keep boiling for 2-3 minutes until thick, remove the fire
2. Put the ingredients of making caramel into the pot and heat with slow fire until melted and cooked
3. Wipe a layer of butter in an rectangular ovenware, pour the syrup in, split bananas into halves and lay them on the syrup
4. Heat butter with ovenware for 1 minute until melted
5. Beat eggs into a bowl, whip while adding caster sugar per 3 times until pale and fluffy
6. Mix all the powders well and sift gently in egg paste
7. Add 150g butter in paste and pour them into the ovenware, shake the ovenware for a few times and let go of the big bubbles
8. Heat oven to 320F for 10 minutes, lay the ovenware in the middle of the oven and bake for 45 minutes
9. Rotate ovenware and take out the cake, top with passionfruit syrup and cut into proper size

Banana passionfruit cake

#6. Banana bread

1 banana, 2 pieces toasts, 15g peanut jam

Time taken: 10 mins

1. Peel off and split banana into a half. Wipe 2 pieces toasts with peanut jam
3. Sandwich with banana
4. Put it in a electricity cake clang and power on
5. You can add lettuce, tomato slices or sour cucumber slices

Banana bread

#7. Banana cheese cake

Ingredients: 3 egg yolks, 15g sugar, 30 salad oil, 60g milk, 80g low protein flour, 4 egg whites, 40g caster sugar, custard jam

Time taken: 45-60 mins

1. Mash 100g bananas
2. Cover the toast box with oil-absorbing paper
3. Sift low protein flour and baking powder
4. Soften cream cheese under room temperature and mix with 50g white sugar
5. Add egg yolks per 2 times and mix
6. Scrape in banana mashes
7. Add egg whites with white sugar and whip to stiff peak
8. Mix egg whites with cake paste from top to bottom
9. Stir in flour per 2 times
10. Pour in mould, heat oven to 356F and bake for 40 minutes in the third layer

Banana cheese cake

#8. Banana chocolate pie

Ingredients: 75g butter, 30g caster sugar, 30g almond powder, 110 low protein flour, 15g cacao powder, half an egg, 150g whipping cream, 1 egg yolk, 22g rum, 2 bananas, 280g dark chocolate

Time taken: 35-40 minutes

1. Soften butter over water and stir in sugar, whip with an electric mixer
2. Pour egg wash slowly
3. Add almond powder and mix well
4. Sift in flour and cacao powder, scrape well
5. Cover it with a plastic wrap, store in fridge for 30-60 minutes
6. Roll the dough into 0.2cm slice, and trim
7. Poke holes on crust
8. Mat with an oil paper or sliver paper on the bottom of crust, lay beans or rice on the paper
9. Heat oven to 338F and bake for 15 minutes, take away the beans or rice and keep baking for 10 with 356F
10. Let cool
11. In a clean container melt chocolate bulks over warm water, mix it with whipping cream
12. Let cool and add stir in an egg yolk
13. Pour in rum
14. Cut bananas into slices and lay them on the crust
15. Pour the chocolate filling into the pie mould, heat oven to 356F and bake for 10-15 minutes (time and temperature will vary depending on your oven)

Banana chocolate pie

A little knowledge about banana:

1. Better hang up banana in shadowy places in order to keep it long
2. Girls will need banana to supplement vitamin B6 to ease their premenstrual tension syndrome
3. Notice that you can’t eat banana with an empty stomach, especially the driver. For it will make people sleepy and weak, which goes against driving