Your favourite cupcake recipe?

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Your preferred cupcake dish?



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makes 9-12cupcakes
115 g self increasing flour (or 115 g simple flour and 1 tsp. cooking powder)
115 g softened butter/margerine
115 g wheel sugar
2 eggs
couple of decreases colouring/flavouring (optional yet i like vanilla significance)

1. preheat stove to 180 C/160C-fan/gas mark 4/350F
lotion butter and sugar along with electrical whisk/wooden spoon
2. filter in flour and mix well
3. If desire)
4, include eggs and mix (additionally include vanilla. spoon mix right into instances in cupcake tray and bake for around 18 minutes
5. secure and delegate cool down


75 g softened butter
little dash of milk
225 g topping sugar
couple of decreases flavouring/colouring (once again optional)

1. defeat butter up until luscious
2. include topping sugar, a little at once to earn it much easier to integrate, and milk to assist blend smooth
3. If desire and mix well
4, include colouring/flavouring. spread/pipe topping into cooled down cakes and include designs if called for


— Duncan Hines Chocolat cake

— My preferred cupcake dish is Maltesers cupcakes … YUMMY

— Light, cosy vanila with a little vanilla topping on the top. To a lot is abhorrent. Place some of those little fallen leave sprays:D

— Too much icing on cupcakes.
If I require to, I like my cake in a piece so I could eliminate the excess.

— my fav area to obtain them is cupcake most likely to there web site at

— pineapple upside-down cake