Yogurt Mousse Challenges Your Taste Bud

People who have eaten yogurt mousse are unable to forget its flavor, especially when the mousse is beginning to melt slowly in your mouth, you will feel the delicacy of the combination of sourness and sweetness. The procedures of making yogurt mousse are simple, but you need to pay the patience because you have to wait a long time before the yogurt turns into mousse. And what is more, yogurt desserts like yogurt mousse is low in calories, that means to say, yogurt mouse is the symbol of healthy food.

yogurt mousse

Efficacies of yogurt mousse

  1. Prevention of influenza. It is able to lower the ratio of the upper respiratory tract being affected to 12 percent by drinking yogurt. The percentage of people who drink yogurt quite often is lower than people who drink not often.
  2. Enhancement of digestion. People who are affected with indigestion are persuaded to eat proper yogurt, which is able to enhance the secretion of gastric juice, so as to achieve the goal of improving the appetite and enhance digestion.
  3. Relief of acnes. The rich contentment of the derivatives coming from vitamin A, vitamin E is helpful to the transformation and excretion of toxic items in human body, so as to reduce the stimulation to the acnes and be able to cure.
  4. Prevention of osteoporosis. The abundant nutrients in yogurt have played a key role in preventing and treating osteoporosis. And in which the most important nutrients are calcium and vitamin D. Yogurt is able to provide rich vitamin D and combine calcium and vitamin D together to benefit the bones of our human body.
  5. Improvement of immune system. The analyst of the United States department of agriculture acclaims that yogurt is not only able to improve the environment of the intestinal tract, but also to improve the immune system of our human body.

Recipe of yogurt mousse


Yogurt             100g

Sugar              40g

Light cream         100g

Lemon juice         2g

Gelatin powder       12g

Cold water           48g

Crushed Olio biscuit   60g

Butter               45g


Fix the mousse rings with a layer of silver paper.

mousse rings

Crush the Olio biscuits and soften the butter into the crushed Olio biscuits, and then stir.

crushed biscuits

Separate the crushed mixture into the two mousse rings, and next, flat the bottom with a clamp and then fridge it for later use.

Dissolve the gelatin powder into the cold water for later use.


Heat the yogurt and sugar for later use.

Beat light cream until it is fluffy.

Pour the yogurt liquid into the fluffy light cream and blend it evenly.

Add in lemon juice and stir well.

lemon juice

Heat the gelatin powder over hot water, and then add in light cream mixture, next, fold them evenly.

Pour the yogurt mousse paste into the early prepared mousse rings. And, put it into the fridge and wait it until it is clot.


Take the mousse out and circle it with a hot towel and then demold.

Tips for the yogurt mousse

  1. It is better to use mousse rings, if you don’t have the mousse rings, you can replace them with other molds.
  2. The light cream shall not be over beaten, or else it will lead to a bad taste.
  3. The gelatin powder must be heated over hot water, or else the high temperature will affect the result of clotting.
  4. The Olio biscuits could be replaced by digestive biscuits. However, you shall not replace them with cake base.
  5. You can add your favorite fresh fruits into the mousse liquid, and after that, decorate the mousse with chocolate, fruits or cream after demolding according to your personal favorites.

Conclusion for yogurt mousse

The healthy yogurt mousse is totally an enjoyment that delights your day. Yogurt mousse has not only preserved the nutrition and health of the nutrients in yogurt, but also the taste of the smooth cream. In addition, yogurt mousse is fancied by most people, especially women. Yogurt mousse is really a kind of dessert for people who give high priority to their health.