Why is it difficult not to eat raw cookie or cake batter?

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Why is it tough to not eat uncooked cookie or cake batter?
Is it as a result of it tastes so good? Is that why it’s onerous to not eat uncooked cookie batter?

Its onerous to not eat it as a result of it tastes excellent. I strive to not eat it whereas baking due to the danger of getting meals poisoning from it.



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As a result of its soo good


—- when you MIGHT get meals poisoning from uncooked cake or cookie batter, what makes you assume you gained't get meals poisoning from the cooked cake or cookie batter? YOU WILL!! Use solely high high quality elements to make cake or cookie batter!

—- I just like the style of it, so I eat it. Nevertheless, I'm allergic to eggs, so the cookie dough and cake batter I make is edible as a result of they don’t seem to be made with something that’s uncooked/raw.

—- Unlikely you'll get meals poisoning from it. That's in regards to the uncooked egg. Should you use good eggs, you'll be advantageous.

—- Probably that is the explanation why the recipe yield says 24 and you possibly can solely get 9.

—- You and me each, lol.