Why have my cookies gone rock hard?

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Why have my cookies gone rock hard? When I obtained them out they were good and soft and conveniently to attack right into,
Few hrs later on they went rock hard.
I have actually placed lots of flour, margarine, wheel suger & & brownish sugar.
Just do not recognize. I needed to toss them away simply a couple of minutes ago reason
currently it does not taste edible in any way.



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cookies typically appear of the stove additional soft, lots of people tend to leave them in the stove an additional couple of mins, do not do that, they will certainly cont to prepare remaining on the warm shelf after you have actually taken them from the stove. thats just what it seems like to me.


— When you initially area them out, they were warm so normally they 'd be soft and gooey. I think you took those cookies right out of the stove and tossed them on the range to allow them cool off. Well that ' s where your issue began. The cooling procedure went from very warm to chilly really quick. Because of this the cookies obtained hard after they cooled. Following time you make cookies, leave th cookies in the stove and fracture the stove door to allow them cool off. 10-15mins later on your cookies will certainly be soft and will certainly stay soft when you return to consume them. Unless naturally you leave em exposed for days. Crucial to not over-cook them.

— First you could have left them exposed also lengthy

Or you could have overcooked them in the stove. Normally, it will certainly be soft if you had actually tasted it while it was still cozy.

Or you could have made use of bread flour which has even more gluten rather than all- objective flour. And could have mixed the batter excessive creating gluten.

— Sounds like you left them in the stove also long.

You could usually soften cookies by placing them in an impermeable container with a sliced up and peeled off apple or a pair pieces of fresh bread. (The cookies take in wetness from the apple or bread.)

— Well there are 2 possable points! One they stagnated! Since they still prepare at the end, the various other even more affordable point is they were over prepared!

— they are over-baked. take them out 2 mins faster following time and make sure to place them in an impermeable container after they ' ve cooled down.

— Could they have stagnated that promptly? Did you cook them also long? Possibly it ' s simply the dish?

— You will certainly calls a cooking master.