Why do people prefer their cake light and fluffy?

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Why do individuals choose their cake light and cosy?



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So it virtually seems like it thaws in your mouth. I wear ' t desire it to be also “” light”” or it really feels poor (or like a box mix– chemically). It needs to be ventilated. I such as thick cakes also, if they ' re expected to be thick (like fudgy). Several cakes are actively thick e.g. Mud cake.


— Depends on the cake. Some i like light and cosy, others that are much more abundant or thick are equally as tasty.

— If I desired something dark and thick, I would certainly obtain something dark and thick. If I desire CAKE, I desire it to be the goddamn structure of CAKE, thanks.

— I would certainly assume so, that desires a plain, horrible, hefty cake. , if that is all
a person supplies you, toss it out, that requires it, besides no
one. ~ *

Due to the fact that they desire cake and not a brownie,


— i love mine by doing this