Why are my cookies are wrong?

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Why are my cookies are incorrect?
well i made them with these active ingredients
self increasing flour
Then i prepare them for concerning 13 mins and they are brown
But when i consume them they are bready dough nutty like in
little salt



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Never utilize self increasing in cookies! Make use of an all puropse flour for cookies. What kind of butter are you making use of? Are you making use of the butter from the bathtub or are you making use of stick butter? I have actually discovered that making use of “” Tub Butter”” creates my cookies ahead out instead level. Due to the fact that of the salt measurments and you must have a terrific cookie, usage stick butter! Keep in mind to leave the cookies on the sheet when they come out of the stove. Eliminating them prematurely could create the facilities to be considering that they are still cooking on the cookie sheet from the warmth. Oh, and one more point to expect. See to it that your spheres of dough that you are placing on the cookie sheet aren ' t also thick. Attempt pushing them out simply a little bit so you have an also surface area on the leading so they cook equally! Satisfied Cooking!


— There is salt in self increasing flour which could clarify why they taste salted. Attempt level flour rather. You wear ' t state just what temperature level you prepare them at. If they look prepared outside however aren ' t on the in I recommend you decline the temperature level and chef for a couple of mins much longer.

— I never ever utilize self-raising flour. Does it have yeast in it?

I 'd utilize a tsp of cooking soft drink, with routine flour. You require to reduce the temperature level a little and prepare them for longer if they still aren ' t food preparation effectively in the center.

What type of cookies are these?

TX Mom

— I have actually found out that making use of self increasing flour in my cooking is not an advantage. I should determine it to ensure that it is just what the dish asks for. Not all self increasing flour has the ideal dimensions in it for cakes, cookies and doughnuts.
currently corn bread, fry bread and such go all out.

— the self increasing flour is the issue
you should utilize all objective flour for cookies