Which is better for cupcake toppings? Frosting or Buttercream? And what's the difference?

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Which is far better for cupcake garnishes? Frosting or Buttercream? And just what ' s the distinction?
Just would like to know, should I make icing or buttercream for my cupcake garnishes? Which one is much better? And exists any type of distinction?



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buttercream is icing. buttercream is a fat resource, powdered sugar, taste and a little bit of fluid if required … I wager your icing dish is comparable.


— Buttercream IS icing.

— Buttercream is icing. Alter kinds and see just what you such as.

— Buttercream is mosting likely to be richer and much heavier. It ' s to individual choice.

— buttercream is a FROSTING

— Butter lotion is a sort of icing. It is frosting.