When you bake an upside down pine apple cake do you turn over the cake on a wired rack as soon as you pull it out of hot oven or wait?

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When you cook an inverted yearn apple cake do you pass on the cake on a cake rack as quickly as you draw it from warm stove or wait?
till it it cools down please? I screw this up whenever and I wear ' t bear in mind which one is properly. I simply remember it several of it sticks on the frying pan

THANK you ahead of time!!



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You transform it over while it ' s still hot yet not so warm that you will certainly obtain charred. I constantly transform it over into a plate with an edge, or else the carmel fluid would certainly be shed.


— certainly your dish shows when to transform it? And I would certainly NOT place it on a cake rack yet on a plate given that several of the wonderful syrup from the pineapple will certainly simply trickle away. On home plate it would certainly be conserved.

— turn quickly into a plate!! NOT ever before on a cake rack and do not allow it establish a little bit as it will certainly embed frying pan or actors iron frying pan.

— run a blade around it, and lay the offering plate in addition to it, and turn it over. touch the top of the frying pan with a spoon all over the leading to earn certain it is all on that particular offering plate, and raise the frying pan off.