What's the opposite of a skillet/frying pan in American English

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What ' s the reverse of a skillet/frying frying pan in American English, that is, a deep sided food preparation frying pan made use of for deep frying?

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A deep fryer. It is a device or a pot that is primarily meant for frying and deep frying in oil – several are made with their very own burner. A Dutch stove is a deep pot that could be made use of for either deep frying or stove roasting.

Opposites to the fry pan or deep fryer/dutch stove is the frying pan for level frying or the cookie sheet, a level surface area made use of mainly in stove cooking and not stovetop frying.


— I wear ' t understand if there is a reverse of a skillet/frying frying pan. There is a deep fryer however you could likewise make use of a skillet/frying frying pan to deep fry foods so I ' m not exactly sure. I could ' t obtain the connect to function

— There isn ' t an other.

Edit. That ' s still not the reverse of a frying pan. Discover exactly what contrary ways. A deep frying pan suggested for frying is a frying pan.

— Not contrary, simply a various sort of food preparation tool. Names could differ. Pan, ' Dutch stove ', or by the capability of the frying pan, by quart. 4 -quart, 5 quart and so on

— it isn ' t reverse, however is a DUTCH OVEN. you could utilize it making soup or to loaded with fat and make use of to fry foods.