What kind of knife is used to frost a sponge cake?? my cake always gets messed up?

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What sort of blade is made use of to frost a sponge cake?? my cake constantly obtains ruined?



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To be truthful I have actually never ever seen or become aware of a sponge cake being cold. Are you certain your dish required topping or was this a brief success concept. It is sponge cake. Just how do you reduce right into it, if cold?


— I make use of an adaptable off-set steel spatula to spread out icing on ANY cake! Dip spatula in glass of water and smooth icing when virtually ended up. It simply takes technique! Normally the finest cakes are those that absolutely mess up for a legendary stop working appearance!!

— While a balanced out spatula is possibly the very best point, you could likewise make use of a level jelly spread knife-the little point you possibly obtained as a present with a little container of jelly, that you take into the scrap cabinet and have actually never ever had an usage for.

— Mom Always made use of simply an ordinary rubber spatula. Don ' t remember any type of icing catastrophes.

— Palette blade, or table blade for frosting muffins.

— Surated blade

— Keep dipping it in a container of cozy water and clean completely dry after that make use of

— You could dip the blade in water to maintain the blade tidy.

— I make use of a combination blade.

— Offset spatulas are best.