What is something good you love that cranberries are an ingredient of?

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What is something great you enjoy that cranberries are an active ingredient of?



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Oatmeal cookies (cinnamon, cranberries, raisins and items of cashews). The very best.


— Cranberry Juice

— Cranberry orange quickbread

— Cranberry sauce

— Cranberry sauce

— Cranberry sauce.

— Cranberry pecan orange fast bread. A pair years ago I placed a 1/2 dish of struesel on the top, oh my was that great, it triggered the cranberries so well. I reduced flour, margarine, cinnamon and sugar with each other, spread it over the top of the bread, and baked it.

— Cranberry jelly

— Cranberry sauce to opt for turkey

— I just recently had a salad that was child environment-friendlies, eco-friendly onion, pleasant red pepper, sauted poultry bust, shredded med. chedder, and dried out cranberries. It was was covered with a balsamic vinaigrette.
I had actually constantly consumed dried out cranberries alone, however this altered my mind. The cranberries were precisely best with this certain mix of things.

— One of my Thanksgiving padding dishes. include cranberries. & & A favored
is my turkey sandwich at twelve o’clock at night after Thanksgiving. constantly need to have
Cranberries on it. ~ *