What homemade recipes do you like to cook?

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What homemade dishes do you want to prepare?



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Some of my faves are:

– Homemade pizza (I make the crust) covered with mozzarella, burrata, swiss, and provolone, scrape made hot natural herb and garlic tomato pizza sauce, and veggies.

– Cheese and mushroom pasta (homemade pasta dough) with either a luscious sauce or a tomato based one or in some cases I simply make a garlic butter sauce. Various other pasta meals like baked ziti.

– Homemade pasta (making use of homemade pasta sheets and bechamel sauce) offered with garlic bread.

– Thai veggie curry (made with coconut milk and self-made Thai curry paste) offered with noodles.

– Spanakopita (tasty Greek pie full of feta and spinach)

– Seasoned pleasant potato french fries.

– Black bean burgers/vegetable hamburgers.

– Enchiladas.

– Quesadillas.

– Mushroom stroganoff.

– Soups (mushroom is my preferred. I make use of lotion and gewurztraminer in my dish. I additionally make velvety tomato and minestrone usually as well.)

– Homemade bread (making use of numerous flours like regular wholewheat, buckwheat, spelt, rye etc)

– Pies: tasty and pleasant. Mushroom and onion is my preferred tasty pie to earn and delicious chocolate pecan pie is my preferred pleasant pie.

– Brownies (great deals of various variants like three-way delicious chocolate, cheesecake brownies, peanut butter brownies, salty sugar brownies).

– Cookies and cakes and cheesecakes.

– Ice lotion (delicious chocolate, strawberry, sugar, raspberry, vanilla, purple pleasant potato.)

– Raw nut and day bars

– Halva and baklava numerous pleasant breads.

– Pancakes and waffles

– Croissants and brioche


— Soups and stews
Roast suppers