What happens to maltasers when you bake them in a cake?

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What takes place to maltasers when you cook them in a cake?
I wish to make maltasers cupcakes (or whoppers) and as questioning if it would certainly function if i placed entire maltasers in the cupcake batter and baked them?



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OMG that ' s a wonderful suggestion! Yes, they would certainly thaw, however I: m thinking you 'd have these remarkable nuggets of delicious chocolate and malt.

I 'd mix 3/4 in the batter and spray 1/4 in addition to the batter right before taking into the stove.

Should be terrific with a white, yellow, or delicious chocolate cake.


— They 'd just thaw.

— Maltesers, not tasers, lol.They will certainly thaw a little however mainly maintain their form.

— possibly thaw