What food is eaten in the UK at Easter?

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What food is consumed in the UK at Easter?



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– Typically warm cross buns (a wonderful, spiced pleasant bun made with raisins or currants, noted with a cross on the top)
– Easter eggs, commonly made from delicious chocolate
– simnel cakes
– baked lamb


— hen, warm cross buns and simnel cake

— delicious chocolate, simnel cake, eggs,

— Fish and chips brother.

— delicious chocolate, warm cross buns, simnel cake, lamb, eggs,

— Chocolate, warm cross buns and roast beef, hen or lamb with sauces and baked or brand-new potatoes.

— Chocolate easter eggs!

— Hot Cross Buns & & Easter Eggs

— HAM… Easter is Woton ' s Sacred Day – and pigs are Woton ' s spiritual pet.

Great option, Woton.

— Mostly delicious chocolate.

Hot-cross buns, simnel cake and roast lamb are additionally preferred.