What can you make with strawberries??

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Just what could you make with strawberries??



Ideal Solution

– Delicious chocolate dipped strawberries
– Strawberry cheesecake (or variations of strawberry cheesecake like white chocolate/dark delicious chocolate and strawberry or blended berry)
– Strawberry gelato
– Strawberry shortcake
– Strawberry/mixed fruit collapse
– Jello
– Healthy smoothies
– Strawberry icing
– Strawberry cupcakes (include some delicious chocolate or lemon or mint if you like)
– Coulis/sauce
– Sorbet
– Cut on pancakes with bananas and/ or nutella and whip lotion
– Strawberry pie or strawberry lotion cheese pie
– Strawberries sprayed with sugar
– Cut on meringues
– Strawberry nut muffins
– Strawberry delicious chocolate chip oat meal bars
– Cookies
– Fresh juice
– Include them to Greek yogurt with some fresh mint and drizzle with sugar
– Strawberry and lotion cheese packed french salute
– Waffles covered with fresh strawberry and dark delicious chocolate sauce
– Strawberry crepes
– Gelato sundae with strawberries
– Strawberry, spinach, and feta salad with a balsamic clothing
– Stove dried out strawberries


— Strawberry Shortcake, Fruit Salad, Strawberry Jam

— I have 3 favored means to consume strawberries:

1, plain.

2, with Brown Cow entire milk Cream leading yogurt, either the delicious chocolate variation or the ordinary variation with syrup, cinnamon and vanilla included.

3, as a vodka mixture made with Tito ' s Vodka – hull 1 basket of the best strawberries, load a quart big mouth canning container with them – it ought to have to do with 2/3 complete. Fill up the container the remainder of the method with Tito ' s Vodka, allowed being in an off the beaten track edge for 5-7 days. Throw the strawberries (they ' ll preference like crap, or freeze them and utilize them in combined beverages, you won ' t should include anymore vodka however will certainly require extra fruit to earn them taste excellent) and consume alcohol the vodka straight or on the rocks. I NEVER utilize this specific instilled vodka for cocktails as it doesn ' t justify the special of the strawberry taste.

— Strawberry jam

— Strawberry cake is an excellent option. I ' m careless so I normally simply place the strawberries that expand on my yard in yogurt.

— More strawberries

— Slice them or maintain them entire, thaw delicious chocolate, stick strawberries on skewers, cover them in delicious chocolate, await them to establish or consume instantly! Mix marsh mallows in also, or include sprays! Yum
You could make use of banana also, sort of healthy and balanced!
So negative however excellent!

— Jam.
Smoothie mix.

— strawberry shortcake, strawberry tarts, strawberry jam/jelly, strawberry cake, and so on

— I like them asthey are or with bitter all-natural yogurt. Much less commonly in a fruit jelly or frut salad.If they dtart to go soft and over ripe chef with either rhubarb or Bramley apple, hich could beserved warm with custard or cool with yogurt or gelato.