What can I make with a bananas?

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My mommy neglected to obtain bread and I desire a peanutbutter and banana sandwich. I looked up points to do with bananas. I located smoothe (I truly desire currently) yet our mix is damaged. Banana dessert with vanilla wafers we wear t have wafer.

So just what can I make with a banana and components I might have? Please aid aspa I m starving and missed lunch and its 4: 16 pm



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placed in grain; banana and mayo sandwich; They ' re a trustworthy treat and make a good enhancement to a dish of grain, yogurt, and peanut butter toast.n my publication, banana bread and muffins are king; Banana Nut Muffins
Tropical Banana Bread with Macadamia Nuts, Pineapple & & Coconut. Healthy smoothies and milkshake or smoothies

When bananas are simply as well ripe and mushy for your preference, include them to smoothie mixes and milkshake or smoothies. They ' re complete of taste and bring a luscious part to your favored mixed beverages. Pancakes

Slice some banana into your buttermilk pancakes as they prepare, or mash up your banana and mix it right into the batter. They maintain the pancakes wet and include sweet taste, so you may not also require as much syrup! You could additionally maintain morning meal extremely straightforward with two-ingredient banana pancakes. Cookies, Oatmeal

Take that over ripe banana, mash it up with a fork, and mix it right into your cozy dish of oats. Go on and include a dashboard of cinnamon and some sliced walnuts to earn it also much better. Gelato

Freeze banana pieces till you have a good quantity, after that mix them to develop the most effective vegan gelato ever before! Those icy pieces could additionally be mixed right into a routine gelato base, as well.


— Eat the banana. Or dip the banana in the peanut butter. Ooh! Make a statuary from banana, being held with each other by the peanut butter and after that consume it! Oh, I truly desire a banana and peanut butter currently … I ' ll go obtain some brownies and grapes after I upload this,

— Banana bread

— Banana with peanut butter! It ' s scrumptious.

— I concur with CB- simply slice the banana and stick with peanut butter, if you have anything else pleasant around like honey, jam etc a little of that would certainly ready as well!

— Make banana bread! http://www.chowhound.com/recipes/easy-ba…
extremely simple, after that all you need to provide for a banana peanut butter sandwich is spread your bread with PB:-RRB-

— I such as banana and peanut butter – no bread.

— banana bread is so so great
could consume it for morning meal everyday
Several great dishes on line

— grain, oat meal, dessert, peautbutter/jelly sandwiches, gelato sundae