What can I do with mashed Potato?

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What can I finish with mashed Potato?
I have a huge plan of mashed Potato. Besides having it as it is, just what else is a great meal I can make with It?



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Fish cakes
Bubble and squeak
Croquet potatoes


— Mashed potatoes are superb for potato meatballs, additionally packing for red/green peppers. Forming the mashed potato and fry in reduced warmed frying pan (do n`t fail to remember to include salt, parsley, garlic/onion). The exact same could be made use of for packing – fill peppers (cleaned from stemps and seeds) and bake in modest stove for around 15 minutes. Voila!

— croquettes, shepards pie, and a treat you could make use of mashed potatoes in is Malasada ' s which is primarily a deep deep-fried doughnut rolled right into sugar. occasionally individuals load them with custards yet you put on ' t have to. the mash potatoe is made use of in this meal to earn the batter cosy when prepared i put on ' t believe a great deal is made use of and when prepared you could ' t truly taste it.

— Do you indicate mashed potato flakes? They ' re fantastic for enlarging homemade soup if indeed.

— Shepherds Pie.

— luscious potato soup, include some water, butter, pepper, salt, carefully sliced onions, some parsley, and allow it simmer or low-med warm, mix to damage the potato swellings so it ' s all simply luscious, in the direction of completion you could include a little milk or whipping cream for additional creaminess, and leading it with some grated cheese and bacon and chives (all optional) and appreciate!

— you could make use of a few of them to enlarge potato soup.
Make potato pancakes.
Covered dish covered with mashed potatoes.

— Potato latkas, potato pancakes/ fritters, Gnocchi, Mix with cabbage to earn colcannon, pipeline rosettes into parchment lined sheet frying pan, after that swab with thawed butter, cook till heights are browned, function as a side meal, or you could open up freeze them on a tray, after that when strong, appear plastic bags in parts, maintain in fridge freezer till required for a dish side.

— Personally i like making a volcano from it where the sauce facility, yet experiment if you have a couple of shot making a casserole with it

— include eggs to it and make it right into patties and frying pan fry in butter till browned.
include parsley and chives with additional butter to it and it is so fantastic!
usage as mattress topper for Shepherds Pie