What are these and how do they work?

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What are these and just how do they function?
What are these and just how do you utilize them? My mum stated they were cupcake instances however I truly could t determine just how they function or place after that with each other



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It is for cupcakes.

If you place the bigger round circles in each area, you could stick a cherry, as an example, into the sharp component prior to full of batter to maintain it from climbing or sinking to the top when it chefs. Various other points you could make use of are miniature peanut butter mugs, marshmallows, or various other sweets.

The little cup-like point is for pushing right into the top of the cupcake batter prior to you cook them so you will certainly have a little room for loading as soon as it ' s prepared.


— At very first I assumed it was a silicone mold and mildew for a lava cake. Nope. Wouldn ' t job. I counted the items and looked for 13 item silicone cupcake mold and mildew. That led me right here http://www.drverner.com/2015-silicone-mo….

— to be sincere it looks even more like a flat pan. strangely one where you would certainly leave an entire to load it with another thing.

or it ' s a twin display screen carring point. Never ever seen one however i desire one currently. and I dont ' also cook!

When I uploaded the inquiry,

— Sorry it wouldn ' t allow me publish an image. Right here they are

— How should I understand when you sanctuary ' t revealed them to me?