What are some holiday dessert recipes?

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What are some vacation treat dishes?



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Pie. Specifically apple, wonderful potato, pumpkin or dice meat.

Egg nog.

Cookies, specifically sugar cookies cut-out in vacation forms (santa, snowmen, and so on) and frosted.


Yuel Log. This is a yellow sponge cake, covered with delicious chocolate icing, rolled, after that the outdoors covered with even more icing to resemble a log of timber.


— Apple brownish betty.
Pleasant mincemeat gelato;- simply mix wonderful mincemeat right into softened vanilla gelato, after that returned in fridge freezer till treat time.
Apple & & wonderful mincemeat sharp.
Mango, raspberry pavlova with lemon curd & & whipped lotion combined.

— Bailey ' s Irish Creme. 2 ounces right into 6 ounces of warm black coffee.

— Banana dessert.

— Peach cobbler or flan those are my favorite!

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