Welsh cake recipe?

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Welsh cake dish?
i actually intend to make some welsh cakes … any kind of excellent dishes?



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Welsh cake

8 oz (225g) self increasing flour
pinch of salt
4 oz (100g) butter/butter
2 oz (50g) castor sugar
2 oz (50g) currants
2 little eggs (or 1 tool egg plus 2 tbsps of milk)

1. Mix flour and salt, and emphasize butter till like breadcrumbs.
2. Mix in sugar and currants.

3. Include eggs and mix to a relatively tight dough.

4. Turn out dough to approx 1/4 inch density (somewhat thicker jobs well, also).

5. Usage small/medium size bread cutter to reduce right into rounds – wear ' t neglect to re-roll the trimmings!

6. Location rounds of dough on a reasonably warm frying pan for around 3 mins each side – the warmth of the frying pan is vital so as not to over-brown the cakes! Experiment to locate the appropriate warmth.

7. Consume cool or warm – yet my favourite is cozy with a glob of brandy lotion!

Hope i assisted!


— I do unknown of a welsh cake, yet below is cake that will certainly welsh you out.

4 mugs of sorted flour
1 tablespoon of based nutmeg
2 eggs
6 mugs powdered sugar
3 mugs brownish sugar
1 tablespoon cooking powder/soda
1 tablespoon vnila essence.

Mix all ingrediants right into abowl till good and smooth. Include delicious chocolate chips right into the batter at the very least 2-3 mugs. Preheat stove 400 levels and currently greese a cake frying pan and put batter right into the sheet// Bake in stove for 7 mins. -Marty Jean Baker