Imagine the flavor of this chocolate and cheese tart by closing your eyes, crisp tart skin with soft cheese and smooth chocolate cream, when they are combined together…

This chocolate cheese tart looks very complicated in recipe, but actually the making of tart skin, cheese filling and chocolate cream are not complicated, only the tart skin needs to be baked in the oven, cheese filling and chocolate cream are easy to made that only needs to mix the ingredients together. And what you are expecting to do is to present this polishing tart on your friends meeting day.

Chocolate cheese tart

Chocolate cheese tart<amount for 12>

For the chocolate tart skin:

Low protein flour 100g
Butter 60g
Eggs 20g
Caster sugar 40g
Cocoa powder 5g

1.First to make the chocolate tart skin. Soften the butter, add caster sugar and whip until fluffy
2.Add well-beaten eggs and keep whipping until fluffy and light
3.Mix low protein flour with cocoa powder and sift them into the butter
4.Scrape with a knife, in order to mix the flour and butter
5.After the mixture of flour and butter turn into a wet dough, put the dough into the fridge for a moment until the dough changes into a harder one if the dough is over wet and sticky
6.Put 15g dough into each tart mould
7.Press the dough into the tart mould with your own hands, as thin and even as possible
8.Put the tart mould into the ovenware, after 15 minutes’ standing, put them into the preheated 374F oven for 15 minutes’ baking, then let cool and demould

For the chocolate cream:

Dark chocolate 100g
Whipping cream 80g+60g

9.Cut dark chocolate into cubes, put the chocolate cubes into the milk pot with 80g whipping cream, heat the milk pot with slow fire
10.Stirring while heat, until the dark chocolate cubes are utterly melted and become liquid chocolate cream mixture. Remove the fire and let it cool as close to the room temperature, in this way to make the chocolate mixture become more dense
11.Add the rest 60g whipping cream into a clean bowl, whip it until lines present
12.Mix the chocolate mixture with the well-whipped whipping cream, scrape evenly with a knife
13.After utterly mixed and changed into chocolate cream, observe the smoothies of the chocolate cream, if too watery, put it into the fridge for cold storage for a moment until it turns into dense enough

For the cheese filling:

Cream cheese 125g
Whipping cream 30g
Icing sugar 10g

14.To make the cheese filling. Put out the cheese cream from the fridge ahead of time in order to let it return to room temperature. Whip the cheese cream with an egg beater until smooth and fine, add icing sugar and whipping cream, keep stirring
15.Put the cheese filling into a pastry bag, shear a little hole in the front the of pastry bag, and squeeze out cheese filling into the well-baked tart skin
16.Put the chocolate cream into another pastry bag, squeeze out chocolate cream over the cheese filling in tart skin with a little start tube. Put the chocolate cheese tart into the fridge for cold storage, take it out from the fridge before eat.

1.When making the chocolate cream, wait until the boiled chocolate mixture utterly cools down and becomes dense, and then mix it with the well-whipped whipping cream. Do not over whip the whipping cream, only lines present it will be okay now
2.It’s not easy to judge from the color whether the chocolate tart skin is well baked due to the color of the chocolate tart is deep. If the baked tart skin is soft after cooling down, it means that the tart is not well-baked and needs to bake for another several minutes