As it is known to all, people in England and Scotland have a habit of drinking afternoon tea. And scone is one of the best welcomed mignardises in those countries. This is a fast and easy way to make scone, at the same time tastes good.

Scone is the quick bread of Scottish, whose name comes from the Stone of Scone or Stone of Destiny placed at where the royal household of Scottish crowned. The conventional scone is triangle like and with oat as main ingredients, fry in a pan. Nowadays flour has become the main ingredients and bake in oven, with shape variable like round, square or diamond. Scone can be sugary or salty, and breakfast or dessert.

English mignardises cranberry and walnut scone

English mignardises cranberry and walnut scone

Low protein flour 160g
Milk powder 10g
Baking powder 1/2tsp
Unsalted butter 65g
Eggs 60g
Brown sugar 15g
White sugar 15g
Fresh cream 7g
Milk 10g
Salt 1g
Vanilla extract several droplets
Dried cranberries 25g
Walnuts 15g

1.Sift the low protein flour, milk powder and baking powder
2.Cut butter into cubes, add into the powders
3.Mix the butter with powders until they become particles
4.Add brown sugar and white sugar into eggs, mix, add fresh cream, milk, vanilla extract and salt, mix
5.Pour the liquid into the powders, mix
6.Add dried cranberries and walnuts
7.Cut the paste into a round shape with the mould
8.Rotate it, and lay on the ovenware, preheat oven to 248F, bake for 20 minutes in the middle level of the oven