Sugar Fried Chestnuts For Golden Autumn Season

Autumn is the season for harvesting, and it is also the season for Chinese chestnuts to mature. I am very fond of eating sugar fried chestnuts. However, it is not safe to eat those that are brought from outside, because it contains some chemical ingredients which are bad for people’s health. So, if we want to eat sugar fried chestnuts healthily, we can use an oven to make delicious and healthy sugar fried chestnuts at home.

Efficacies of the Chinese chestnuts

As a sort of nut, Chinese chestnut is rich in protein, fat, carbohydrates, vitamin B, carotene, pantothenic acid and other traces of nutrients. That is to say, the chestnut is able to help treating many diseases and helps strengthening our bodies. However, diabetic patients should not eat too much for it would affect their blood sugar.

sugar fried chestnuts

Recipe for sugar fried chestnuts


Chinese chestnuts           500g

Oil                                      15ml

White sugar                      20g

Water                                 10g


  1. Clean

Wash chestnuts and dry. Next, draw a knife on the surface of the chestnuts (please be careful because the chestnuts are prone to roll around for fastening the chestnuts is not easy).


  1. .Blend

Put the chestnuts into a bowl, next, pour in the bowl with some vegetable oil. But if you replace vegetable oil with peanut oil, it would be so much better. Why peanut oil? Because it would make the chestnuts more flavor after baking.


  1. Stir

Stir the chestnuts in order to that oil is on the surface of every chestnut evenly.


  1. Pre-heat

Cover the pan with plastic wrap, and put all the chestnuts into the pan, and then, put them into the oven with preheated temperature of 392 F degrees.


  1. Bake

Blend white sugar and water until they dissolve with each other utterly. Next, take out the pan from the oven after 25 minutes. Following the next step, brush the chestnuts with sugar water on the surfaces. (stir the chestnuts when brushing, particularly remember to brush the cuts of the chestnuts with several times).


  1. Bake again

After brushing the sugar water, keep baking in the oven with the same temperature for 5 – 10 minutes.

sugar fried chestnuts


Choose plump chestnuts with medium size. However, don’t buy bigger ones, because they are not easier to bake.

To brush a layer of oil on the surface of the chestnuts, it is able to prevent chestnuts from being burnt.

The differences of chestnuts and ovens with different temperatures make the baking time vary. The temperature time I provided above is just for reference. And this is a little trick for you. When you feel the baking time is near done, take out one chestnut and have a bite. (be careful not to get burnt with your mouth). If it is not good, prolong the baking time. Remember that chestnuts are delicious only after baking utterly.

If you forget to draw a knife on each chestnut, then, when baking, there would appear booms in your oven. So it is necessary to draw a knife on each chestnut.

If you feel it difficult to draw a knife on the chestnut, therefore, I would suggest you to use a scissor, which would be much safer.