Substitute for piping when decorating a cupcakes?

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Substitute for piping when embellishing a cupcakes?
I ' m production 24 carrot cupcakes with lotion cheese topping in a number of days however we could ' t discover anywhere with piping bags and nozzels that might be supplied to us in time. I intend to make the topping appearance rather, so does anybody have any type of pointers to just what i could make use of?



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You could constantly make use of a zipper bag or fridge freezer bag. Load the bag with the topping and removed a percentage of the edge to capture. Diverse the dimension of the opening will certainly differ the quantity that will certainly appear. This will certainly provide you round tubes of topping. Unless you could discover any type of ideas for topping bags, that will possibly be the only form you could make in this manner. You might ice them, smooth them over with a blade or spatula and after that do little dots or bumps on top – you may also be able to make them look like blossom petals or something. There are a great deal of training video clips on ways to do this online, similar to this one:…

If you have a cookie press with ideas, that may likewise function.

Or spread topping on the top and smooth over. Cut an item of thick (tidy) cardboard in a zig zag or toothed pattern and drag it throughout or around the top – much like laying cement for floor tile floorings.


— Just clip the edge off of a zip lock bag and utilize it as a piping bag. Make certain that you do not make the opening also huge to make sure that you could regulate where the topping goes far better.

— Fill and secure a zippered plastic fridge freezer bag with icing, and clip an edge to start piping.…

An additional technique is to make use of a sheet of cooking parchment paper.…