These days I’ve made a lot of desserts, only macarons I baked sorts of flavors, strawberry, pistachio, lavender…They are so beautiful when putting them together! Between them I also made a Buche which is a necessary cake for Christmas.

What I want to emphasize here is that the recipe for today’s snickers macarons are very cool, but after all, I always present the best recipes for you. For the strawberry macarons recipe last time, there are people who complain that they have totally failed even following my recipe. Something I want to tell you that there are few people who can make macarons successfully at their first time or second times. Let alone to make it perfect! Although macarons are not very difficult to make, but the key lies in controlling every step of your making, you need practice and practice. And even for myself I can’t promise you I will bake macarons well every time.

So, keep practicing and practicing…

Macarons can be made to every flavor that you want, fruits, spice,, vanilla and so on. The variation lies on the filling, like the snickers macarons we will make today! Snickers you can find in every shops, supermarkets for they are so common to see. And actually I like snickers very much.

Snickers macarons

Snickers macarons

For the macaron paste: 50gr almond powder, 80gr powdered sugar, 8gr cocoa powder, 55gr egg whites, 25gr powdered sugar<for egg whites>

1.Mix almond powder, 80gr powdered sugar and cocoa powder and sift for 2 times
2.Whip egg whites into a foam, add 25gr powdered sugar per 3 times into it, keep whipping until it’s well shaped, add sifted powders into the egg whites, stir well until it’s fine and smooth
3.Cover a thin paper on the ovenware, and add a non-stick cloth on the thin paper. Install the pastry bag with a 0.5cm diameter round pastry tube, and pour the paste into the pastry bag
4.Squeeze out a lot of round paste with diameter of 3.5cm, notice there will be 3cm’s distance from paste to paste, gently shake the ovenware for the even of the paste, and put them to the place with good ventilation, dry them for 1.5-2 hours under room temperature until the shells are well shaped
5.After shells are shaped on the surface, put them into the preheated oven, 410F with up and down fire baking for 2-3 minutes until the “lace” are presented, and instantly turn the temperature into 266F, and bake for 10 minutes or so, take the shells out after cooling

For the filling: 90gr snickers, 33gr fresh cream, 8gr butter

6.Cut snickers into shreds and put them into a bowl, add fresh cream. Stir and mix them well over hot water. And add melted butter into it, stir well
7.Put the filling into a 0.5cm diameter pastry tube’s pastry bag, and squeeze out them on the back of the macaron, then cover the other macaron which is not smeared with the filling. After that, put them into the fridge for cold storage

For the decoration: pinch cocoa powder

About 10 minutes later, take them out and sift the cocoa powder on them

1.The almond powder was the wear powder of American Almonds after peeling, you can make it yourself or buy them in shops
2.Better choose the pure powdered sugar that contains no corn starch, which promises a best taste
3.Well-stirred paste shall be fine and smooth, if still sticky, you can add pinch egg whites that are not whipped and mix them
4.Isolate the temperature of the bottom heat when baking, so a thin paper is needed, if you have another ovenware, you can put it into the bottom level of the oven
5.The appearance of the “lace” is because of the surfaces of the macarons are shelled, the expanded ingredients cannot come out from the surface when baking, so they come out from the bottom, thus make sure the surface of the macarons is dried and shelled, and then start the next step