Selling Cupcakes to Cafe's?

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Selling Cupcakes to Cafe ' s?
Hello, I am meeting the proprietor of a coffee shop and bringing a sampler of one loads cupcakes this Saturday. Any kind of suggestions for tastes. I am believing Mochaccino, Lemon-Cranberry Chai, Sweet Potato Pecan and Vanilla Caramel. Any kind of tips on tastes?



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attempt consisting of a minimum of
-one example of traditional cupcake like straightforward vanilla or delicious chocolate or other cupcake that offers like hot cake.
-one example with vacation or any type of event taste- xmas, st. patrick day
-one with seasonal selections- apple pie, pumpkin pie
-one with your very own creative thinking

** my suggestion is to include some mixed drink taste like cosmopolitan or tequila sunup


— lemon mirengue -cupcake
peanut butter-
fudgey toffe-
delicious chocolate chip-
cookie dough cupcakes-

You allowed her attempt several of these nd you have the task!!!

— Red velour cupcakes!:D

— Those tastes audio tasty! Perhaps one point to remember this time around of year…holiday-oriented tastes are rather preferred this time around of year. (You appealed several of them with the cranberry and pleasant potato pecan tastes!) Perhaps take into consideration including (along with your present choice) some extra tastes that are preferred around the vacations … pumpkin pie, apple pie, gingerbread, etc market quickly this time around of year!

Simply my idea! Exactly what you have so far seems wonderful, however including several of the huge vacation tastes to the food selection might be an actual vendor for you in my viewpoint!:-RRB-

All the best!!