Opinions vary about the red velvet cake’s origin. Some people say that it origins in southern America, some people say it comes from Canada. But most of all, the most interesting and dramatic version is that the red velvet cake origins from a hotel called Waldorf-Astoria in New York. In 1959, a female guest had dinner in this hotel, and she enjoyed the red velvet cake, after that she was so interested in this cake and asked the hotel for the name of the dessert chef and the recipe of the cake. The hotel met her requirements. But soon after, she had received a large bill, for the hotel would not let know of their cake recipe with no pay. The female guest got so angry and she decided to bring out the red velvet cake to the public, and this by accident had made red velvet cake well known to all the world.


Red velvet cake

Red velvet cake


For the red velvet cake:

Unsalted butter 60g
Caster sugar 150g
Egg 1
Cocoa powder 10g
Butter milk 120ml
Plain flour 150g
Pinch of red food color
Salt 1/2 teaspoon
Soda 1/2 teaspoon
White vinegar 1.5 teaspoons
Pinch of vanilla extract

Notice:butter milk is a yeasty milk, also the rest milk when extracting and purifying butter. Butter milk contains little fat like yogurt, uses for baking but not eat directly. If you can’t get the butter milk, you can replace it by yogurt or sour cream.

1.Soften butter under room temperature, take out eggs from the fridge and return warm
2.Add sugar in butter and whisk until well incorporated, add eggs per several times, keep stirring, until butter ang eggs are emulsified
3.Add red food color, vanilla extract, white vinegar, mix well
4.Add butter milk per several times, mix well, at this time the butter would be watery and flowing
5.Sift plain flour, cocoa powder, salt, soda, add butter in the powder mixture, scrape well with a knife
6.Pour the mixture into a 6 inch round mould, heat oven to 356F, bake for 30-35 minutes. If there is no particle comes along with the toothpick which has been pulled out from the cake, red velvet cake is ready
7.Let cool and gently demould

For the filling and frosting:<for a 6 inch cake>

Unsalted butter 120g
Mascarpone 240g
Icing sugar 120g

1.Soften the mascarpone under room temperature, whisk well
2.Soften teh butter under room temperature, whisk well
3.Mix the mascarpone and butter, mix well
4.Sift the icing sugar, add into the butter/mascarpone paste, stir gently