Macaron is my favorite dessert, especially with coffee or a cup of tea, really splendid! This time I use the lemon jam from PH, a great master. Better use his lemon jam for it is really beyond your expectation!

Lemon jam macarons

Lemon jam macarons

For the shells:

A. 120gr TPT<60gr almond powder+ 60gr powdered sugar>, 1droplet pigment, 22gr egg whites
B. 10gr sugar, 22gr egg whites
C. 50gr sugar, 15gr water

1.Sift TPT for 2 times, add 22gr egg whites and mix well, add 1 droplet pigment
2.Add 10r sugar per several times into 22gr egg whites
3.50gr sugar, 15gr water into a pan, boil to 248F
4.Pour the sugar into egg whites gently, keep whipping to a foam
5.Mix the meringue with the TPT paste, flat them using a knife in order to let go of the big bubbles, and whip it until it’s fine and smooth
6.Pour the paste into the pastry bag and squeeze out rounds onto the baking paper
7.Heat oven to 122F, bake for 25 minutes, until the shells are shaped but liquid is in
8.Heat oven to 320F, bake for 5 minutes, until the “laces” present, turn the heat to 266F and bake for another 8 minutes
9.Cool down, take away from the baking paper

For the lemon jam:

50gr butter, 2 lemons, pinch lemon juice, 120gr sugar, 3 eggs, a half piece of gelatin

10.Soften the butter
11.Peel off the lemons<Peels are needed, remove the white parts cause they are bitter>, extract the lemon juice
12.Rub 120gr sugar and lemon peels well with your hands, add beaten eggs and lemon juice, mix well
13.Heat the mixture over water, until it is sticky. Sift it after cooling, take away the lemon peels
14.Soak the gelatin with water and heat it over water until it turns into liquid
15.Add softened 50gr butter into the cooled lemon jam, mix, add gelatin liquid, waits to cool, and squeeze into the shells of macarons